Saturday, November 1, 2008

My Favorite Things About Halloween

1. Celebrating with my favorite peeps in the whole world

2. Seeing Megan sooooo EXCITED to go trick-0r-treating she couldn't
eat her dinner or even sit down long enough to try. (very unusual)

3. Candy for dinner??? Yep, just for today!

4. Laughing to myself about Megan, who walked right up to this terrifying woman but still won't let my dad anywhere near her. Maybe he should try giving her candy!

5. My wonderful neighborhood where everyone gathers with firepits in the driveways to hand out candy and enjoy each other's company. Megan loved prancing around showing off her cuteness.

6. Seeing my little witch with a chocolate ring around her mouth.
She told us, "There is a party in my belly!"

7. Baking cookies for the neighbors
(Don't make fun of how they turned out - only the second time I've made
homemade cookies in my entire life. I tried.)

8. Making little treat suckers for the kids

9. Admiring my overachieving husband's amazing
pumpkin creation again this year.

Mine is on the right . . . I let him win the contest this year!
And last but certainly not least . . .
10. Raiding Megan's treat bucket with St. John after her bedtime . . .
for her own good!


Adam & Jessica said...

This was my first time to your blog, but i love it already! Any by the way your homemade sugar cookies look awesome!

nicolefurness said...

looks like you had decent rained here for part of the night...poor kiddos. happy belated halloween! btw- cute sucker ghosts!

Nicole said...

I saw your comment on Nicole Patino's blog so I thought I better come see your blog lol. That little Megan is adorable and those tutus really do make the most darling costumes. I have made almost ten for a craft fair but my little girl wanted to wear her Cinderella costume from her bday in September. You did a great job and I love your cookies as well.. great job on your 2nd time can't wait to see your 3rd!!

~ Straight Shooter ~ said...

Those cookies and suckers were cute...but that little witchie-poo??? OMG she takes the prize!!