Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Keeping me humble

One minute I'm running a community meeting with my constituents, shaking hands and smiling as they thank me for the work I'm doing as city councilwoman.

I'm cleaning up some run-down neighborhoods.

When I say something, reporters write it down and put it in the newspaper. (Still trying to get used to that.)

I'm somebody important.

I have business cards that say so.

My name is engraved on a desk at city hall.

Then I came home . . .

and cleaned up a huge pile of dog poop from the living room floor.

Thanks, Mocha, for helping to keep it all in perspective for me.


Kristina P. said...

Yep, your crap stinks like everyone else's to the dog. And so does hers.

Jillene said...


The Ertel Triplets said...

Ohh.....there's nothing worse than a dog who misses her daddy. ;)

Prepare for the worst!

Kate said...


enough poop posts.


I threaten Vegas all the time and he straightens up...

sweetbriannajulianne.blogspot.com said...

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