Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Not Responsible for Reader Narcolepsy . . .

Meet Flat Stanley.

He came in the mail a few days ago, along with a letter from my niece Brianna. In the letter, Brianna asked us to take Flat Stanley's picture doing something in our city and send it back to her. She also asked us to fill out a survey about where we live to help the kids in her class learn about other cities. (I believe the point of the project is to learn about distant communities. The fact that we live about 15 miles from Bri makes this pretty funny, but of course I'll play along.)

How exciting!

State: Ohio

City/Town: Delaware

Population: 32,986

What is the community famous for? Little Brown Jug Horse Race

Historical Facts About Your City: Former President Rutherford B. Hayes was born in Delaware and met his wife Lucy at Ohio Wesleyan University. Also, during the Civil War when Ohio sympathized with the north, Delaware served as a hub for the Underground Railroad.

Current Event: The city manager has presented his 2009 budget to the city council. After a series of public hearings, members of city council will vote to accept or reject this budget.

How Far From the Capital City: 24 miles north of Columbus

Here is Flat Stanley, having a complete blast
with the vice-mayor, a city councilman, the mayor, and I
at a city council meeting. Think she'll get extra-credit
for the inclusion of local celebrities????
It has been a very boring couple of days when all you can
come up with to blog about is a school project involving a flat paper man.


Schwartz Family said...

I think Flat Stanley is a cute idea! And you are a nice auntie to help her out, I bet she will have the best picture in her class with the local celebs! Cute!

Erin said...

I think it's totally cute. Are you supposed to mail him now to somewhere else, so it becomes a chain or something? I wonder who reads your blog that lives the furthest away. Fun!

Kristina P. said...

This is so cute!

And you and you dog carer/walker!

my stay-at-home-momma drama said...

Cute idea Erin!

Blog readers who are really far away - want Flat Stanley next?

Send me an email at lmk710@columbus.rr.com

I'll send him to the person who is farthest away. Cool, this will be fun.

Jillene said...

How cute!! We have read many a Flat Stanley book around here!!

Mommy Madness said...

My kiddos love Flat Stanley! Cute idea! Nice to know interesting facts about Delaware, Ohio!

We are out in Ca! Is anyone farther?☺

Mary said...

This is hilarious. If you want to send him to Frisco, TX, that could be arranged. :)

Hey, I found a flight to Columbus for $164.99, by the way!!!

Allred Fam said...

I'll email you- how about St. Kitts, West Indies.....

Ruth said...

Last year, Flat Stanley went to Iraq with one of Bob's cousins. He really gets around! Love, Ruth

Kate said...

Mary - book that flight... like 10 minutes ago - get on it.

Lisa - you can send me flat stanley. I am a whole mile and a half away - maybe you could walk it over :)

Jennifer and Jason Young said...

freaking awesome adventures of paper man! saw your comment on seriously so blessed and had to check out your blog- it is titled so cute!

sweetbriannajulianne.blogspot.com said...

thanks for doing the stuff with flat stanley. im at a store called home your my fave aunt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!love, brianna