Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Back to the Basics

Ready for a fun day out with Mommy.


1. Go to Cookie Cutters for a long overdue haircut

(For those of you, like my Nana, who are gasping for air at the thought of me cutting off my daughter's curls . . . it had to be done. It was getting a little too high maintenance for a two year old - falling out of ponytails and constantly getting in her food, etc. When it was wet, it would get her clothes wet because it was so long. I had to mousse it and blow it dry daily.

I'm not typically an advocate of convenience before beauty . . . glamour gods, please forgive me.

It took a major bribe to coax her from her hiding place on the floor underneath the playground equipment (where I was about 75 pounds worth of "too big" to reach her.)

She was hiding under there thinking, "Yeah, I don't know what in the world you want but I'm guessing I won't like it very much!"

What???? a haircut?
I knew this was too good to be true.

Each cutting station had it's own television.

With a sucker in her mouth and Dora the Explorer on the tv, the cutting was a breeze.
Clifford the Big Red Dog didn't hurt either.

See Nana . . . still adorable, just a little shorter.

Tomorrow we're getting her eyebrows waxed.
ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha
Really John, breathe, I'm kidding.

2. Next, we were off to the movies to see Madagascar 2.

Megan ate an entire bag of popcorn herself during the movie. I couldn't even help because of the stitches in my gums.

We both loved the movie and had a lot of fun together.

Later that evening when John came home from work, Megan was so excited to show her daddy her new "style." As John was examining the cut, Megan exclaimed, "Daddy, that lady put mousse in my hair!"


Technically speaking, this was her second haircut . . .

The first was when she was three months old, sporting a bald spot on the back of her head that would have made Franciscan monks jealous. My stylist gave her a little trim to camouflage it a bit.

Go ahead, call me crazy.

Everyone else did.


Oh, and sorry there is no inappropriate s-e-x talk as an attempt at humor in this post.

Hope you're not too disappointed in me.


Kristina P. said...

She still has all her curls, and she looks absolutely adorable.

The Blog Stalker said...

You have been added my bloggy friend! It will take me a few more days to get the State List updated, but your blog should be appearing in "The Congregation" list!

Happy Stalking!
-The Blog Stalker

Life as Ashley said...

I just found our blog and totally love it. Your daughter is gorgeous. If it makes you feel any better, my son just had his second haircut. He's just 4 months old. To heck with the nay-sayers!

Alyson (New England Living) said...

She has hair just like my son! They look about the same age too. Wherever we go, people want to touch his hair. I bet you get that a lot too!

She's adorable! And I'm all for bribery.

Schwartz Family said...

My daughter has the same coat as yours in the first picture...Yay for target I love that coat.

I wish my daughter had long enough hair to cut. Your little girl is adorable!

Laura said...

Hi Sis! Supercute! Susie got the "European cut" when she was about four months old - same reason! :)
Love you and I can't wait to see you guys on Thanksgiving! Laura

Tristan said...

Found your blog..can't remember how..LOL..but your family is adorable!