Sunday, May 4, 2008

My New Scrapbook/Craft Room

Sometimes I think I have the coolest husband in the world.

Not only did he shop with me for EIGHT straight hours to purchase the furniture/accessories for my new scrapbooking room, he maintained quite a pleasant attitude throughout the process. (For those of you not too familiar with John, he HATES to shop.....especially with me for several reasons......I take forever to make up my mind, change my mind multiple times, and look at everything whether I plan on buying it or not.) When I questioned him about why he was being so cool about the never ending shopping trip his reply was, "Because I know how excited you are about this." Wow! Seriously, after EIGHT hours.....not to mention we had to drive 2 hours to get to the store and still had another 2 hours left to drive home! All the stuff barely fit in the car but we somehow managed to bring it all home.

We then spent the next week putting the furniture together and painting the room. We bought two drawer units and each put together one of them. When I was finished with mine, John looked at it and asked, "Why do you have so many pieces left over?" ha, ha. I told him it was fine. Then I picked it up to move it and the top came off in my hands. (The directions were pictures rather than words. The pics didn't really make sense to me. I needed words! I am a word person! They showed a picture of a screw and next to it was written 10x. I thought that meant to turn that screw 10 times.) Of course, I wasn't going to ask John for help because I'm a confident, intelligent, fully capable woman.....hear me roar! John later told me (after my drawer unit fell apart) that the 10x meant there were ten of that particular screw. OHHHH....why didn't the directions just say that? ha ha ha ha

So......the coolest husband in the world proceeded to put together the rest of the furniture without laughing at me too loudly. Trust me, he laughed.........laughed for a pretty good while. He just didn't do it too loudly, and I appreciated that very much.


Anonymous said...

Wow--looks like something from Home Beautiful! Good job!

Now, what kind of family day will John select that you will do just because it means so much to him? :)

Love you both, Ruth

Michelle said...

Where did you get this beautiful book case? I so want it for my scrapbooks that I have no where to put!