Friday, May 30, 2008

Austyn's Kindergarten Graduation

We had to skip gymnastics class last night (oh darn) to attend my niece Austyn's graduation from Kindergarten. The kids sang a bunch of songs while all the proud parents/grandparents (and aunts) videotaped and snapped pictures. It was a cute little performance. Megan sat on John's lap and tried to sing along with the kids.

I can't believe how quickly time seems to pass, especially while watching little ones grow. It is amazing to me that little Austyn is going to be a first grader next year. Makes me realize how little time we have to enjoy our "babies" before they become "kids." These "kids" go off to school without us and learn cheesy songs from someone other than US! It really was a sweet graduation, and a nice little reminder to savor every moment of Megan's "littleness."

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