Thursday, May 15, 2008

"Cuckoo and the Zoo"

We had an exciting time at the zoo today! My friend Kasey, who is an assistant principal at the high school where I used to teach, had a day off today and joined us at the zoo. Her son, Cooper, is two and a half and made the perfect playmate and partner in crime. It was so cute . . . Megan kept mispronouncing his name as "Cuckoo." I think their favorite animal was the ducks (which we can see any day of the week at the lakes in our neighborhood.) ha! They liked the alligator too.

At the elephant exhibit

Kasey and "Cuckoo"

Bravely checking out a gorilla's behind. They both scrambled backwards pretty quickly when the gorilla turned around to face them, nearly tripping over each other in the process. I had a kid wrapped around each of my legs or I would have snapped a picture of that as well!

Sharing a double stroller, which seemed like a great idea at first. About halfway through the day, both kids insisted upon walking. Three-quarters of the way through the day, they both begged to be carried.

A hug goodbye!

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