Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Is There Nothing Sacred Anymore?


This blog is to record Megan's milestones. Well, guess what........she can go pee-pee in the potty. She doesn't use it exclusively yet, but we're working on it. She gets a sticker when she goes in the potty. She'll do anything for an Elmo sticker! I hope this picture doesn't come back to haunt her when she is running for president someday. ha,ha
I didn't really intend to potty train her just yet. Her doctor said to wait until 2 years old. Then Megan started to become very interested in elimination, so to speak. (She started announcing to the room when she was "going" in her diaper. If I somehow missed the announcement, she would take off the dirty diaper and attempt to change it herself. This got a bit messy.....yuck!)
To digress for a moment - the life of a stay-at-home mom can be so NOT glamorous sometimes. Picture this event from a few weeks back. . . the dog won't stop staring at me because she has to go outside. I can't take Megan with me because she is only wearing a diaper. I put some Elmo on the TV and dash out to the yard with the dog. I was gone for not even 2 minutes, right out the front door. During that time, I must have missed Megan's announcement that she had dirtied her diaper. In the 120 seconds that I was gone, she managed to take off the dirty diaper, dump the contents in a pile on the carpet, crawl up the stairs (leaving a trail I was able to follow,) and come to a final stop with her dirty, naked behind sitting on the floor of John's office. (And leaving yet another poop stain there as well.) Oh yeah, I forgot to mention she was coloring on the floor with markers. Honestly, how do people manage more than one child?? I've pretty much got my hands full with just her!
Anyway, I decided it was TIME to potty train. Can you blame me?

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