Saturday, October 27, 2007

And the WINNER is....................


(This pic was taken when Megan was only a few weeks old! How cute!)

For those of you who do not know her, Ruth is John's sister and mother to three brilliant boys. If I knew any single girls in their late teens - early twenties I would tell them to hurry up and snag one of Ruth's sons before someone else does. They are honestly the most sincere, well-spoken, polite, all-around great guys you could ever meet. Soooooo, when Ruth Dunkman gave her two cents........I LISTENED!

It was actually very difficult to choose a winner. I tried various suggestions but really noticed a difference when I followed Ruth's advice. I took Megan to the park (in a wool sweater on a 70 degree day, but that's a whole other story) and she was too exhausted to climb when we got home. I started taking her outside a lot more in the morning, which was the problem climbing time. We dragged the dog, the doll stroller, and her doll up and down the sidewalk countless times. (Megan loves to play "mommy" and push her little baby in the doll stroller. It is adorable.) Guess what????? NO MORE CLIMBING..........too tired.

A+ Ruth!!

Honorable mention to.........everyone else. Don't worry, I'll have another contest soon.

Check out the blog in the next few days. I'll be posting some pictures of Megan's Halloween Party. Yep.......a Halloween Party for all her 1 and 2 year old friends. I'd tell you more about it but I'm too tired from all the baking. I also have some pics from the Delaware Halloween parade. I'll be posting in the next few days, or whenever I recover from the party and parade.

Monday, October 15, 2007


I should have waited to post until Megan went to sleep for the night instead of blogging during her nap. The saga continues........

While in timeout on the chair in the corner of the dining room (standing up, which is what landed her in time-out in the first place !?!) she learned to turn the light switch on and off. (She can reach the switches from her chair, but only if she is STANDING on it.

I think she perhaps got the message about standing on the kitchen table. Later in the afternoon, she climbed from the sofa onto the sofa table behind it. You have got to be kidding me. As I was taking her off the sofa table I realized I was really hot. Thinking it was frustration I let it go. About an hour later I thought I was going to melt. The furnace was turned up to 75. Guess who????? Sweet Megan Kate. Apparently she can reach the furnace from her time-out chair. Yes, I need to move the chair but I really need more creative solutions here.

I'm having a contest. I need a solution that really works. I will give the "Stay-At-Home-Mamma-Drama Award" to the individual that provides me with detailed plan of dealing with Megan's behavior. This plan must actually work. The recipient of this award will be lavishly praised on my blog.

This is all I have so far to go on.............................I'm trying to bring some humor into this to grab your attention...................

Most likely to tell me what Super Nanny would do - Dena

Most likely to tell me to construct an indoor climbing structure to give Megan an "appropriate" place to climb - Andrea

Most likely to wonder why I'm having so much trouble with such a perfect little specimen like Sweet Megan Kate - John

Most likely to have no idea how to help me because their own children are perfect angels, and they always have been - Ruth and Laura (did I mention their children are brilliant too?)

Most likely to tell me to SCRAPBOOK? Megan's unproductive, ridiculous time-out - Katie

Most likely to have no time to help me because she is on the porch with her neighbors - Nana

Most likely to begin giving me a good solution, then have to go because one of her kids just went potty in the dog's dish while she was getting the others dressed for a trip to the Emergency Room - Sara (disclaimer - this event did not actually happen but was based on a serious of other events of a similar nature! ha)

Most likely to tell me Megan needs a chiropractor and double check that I am feeding her organic products - Mary

Most likely to offer the world's most perfect solution, receive the "Stay-At-Home-Momma-Drama Award" and have Lisa create a blog all about how great you are - (insert your name here)

The winner will be announced right here.........stay tuned

I Need Some Help

Yes, that is the kitchen table and yes, that is my daughter on top of it. I did say I needed help, didn't I?

Megan won't stop climbing on top of the kitchen table. On the day I took this picture, we were all ready to go out shopping. I had to run upstairs to get my socks and I came back to find her in her new favorite spot, dancing on top of the kitchen table. I was gone for no more than 30 seconds!

I need some advice. Real advice. Please don't tell me not to leave her for 30 seconds. (Only someone who has never stayed at home with kids will think that is possible anyway.) A few times a day (ha) I must look in a direction that is not hers. While I am doing so, I must be confident she is not dancing on the table.

I've read three books on toddlers from cover to cover and still don't feel like I'm in control of my pint-sized climber. One book says it is ok to slap on the hand in a dangerous situation to get the child's attention quickly and to let them know in no uncertain terms that their behavior is unacceptable. (ex: running into the street) Climbing on top of tables????? Well, I tried it. I slapped her hand and she cried. Then she climbed back up on the table. I continued this cycle until I realized IT WASN'T WORKING. I don't want to have to hit her - I really don't. I'm especially not going to knowing it isn't working.

The same book said to try putting the toddler in time-out to allow for introspection. Are they serious??? INTROSPECTION?? My child introspects nothing right now!!! On the the next book.

The next book said to let the child learn from natural consequences. For example, the natural consequence of throwing your food is that you cannot reach it and therefore don't get to eat it. This plan doesn't work in all circumstances. It would be crazy to let her learn about the natural consequences of climbing on the table by falling off. Besides, she already fell off once (remember?) and obviously didn't learn her lesson. (note the sarcasm)

The third book said to count to three out loud to give the child a chance to change their behavior. (Katie tried this, by the way, to which Colin replied "4 - 5 - 6 and 7.....yea," so pleased with himself he could count.) Not exactly a glowing review for this particular plan. Anway, the book says if the behavior doesn't change, pick the toddler up and move them to time-out. If they leave the time-out area, DO NOT hold them in it. It gives them attention, which you don't want to do. It says if they leave the time-out area, use a playpen to contain them for one minute for every year old they are.

My problem with that plan is that Megan sometimes sleeps in her playpen when we are away. I don't want her to get confused and think she is in trouble when we try to put her in bed away from home. Also, am I going to be putting my five year old in timeout in a playpen??

I modified the book's plan and sat a chair in the corner of the dining room. I sat her in it immediately after she climbed on the kitchen table. I set the timer on the stove to 1 minute and did not give her any attention. When I came back to get her, she was standing on the dining room chair!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

Please, please help. I have a Master's degree in education, specializing in children with behavior/emotional issues. My area of expertise does not extend down to 15 month olds with a fondness for climbing.

Once we've solved this problem, I have others................screaming in the grocery store to get down, throwing all the food out of the cart on the floor, picking her nose in public, passing gas loudly in the library and grunting..........these are just a few of Megan's charming habits. Ideas??? Ideas, please!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Leeds Farm - September 29, 2007

John's company has some sort of gathering for employees and their families every couple of months. This time, it was the Leeds Pumpkin Farm. Megan had a great time looking at the animals! Since his work paid for everything, we didn't think to bring any cash with us, only the trusty debit/credit cards. There was a feeder in the barn, but you had to pay $.50 for a cup of food for the goats. John and I both looked at each other and couldn't believe between the two of us we couldn't even come up with FIFTY DARN CENTS!! Those poor goats kept looking at Megan, thinking she might give them some food . . . but nope . . . her parents only had plastic. Sign of the times, isn't it?

We took a hayride around the grounds. It was fun!

Our little pumpkin.

Wow......she's getting so big!

Be careful, the pigs bite! They are cute, aren't they?

Those poor, hungry goats!