Monday, October 15, 2007


I should have waited to post until Megan went to sleep for the night instead of blogging during her nap. The saga continues........

While in timeout on the chair in the corner of the dining room (standing up, which is what landed her in time-out in the first place !?!) she learned to turn the light switch on and off. (She can reach the switches from her chair, but only if she is STANDING on it.

I think she perhaps got the message about standing on the kitchen table. Later in the afternoon, she climbed from the sofa onto the sofa table behind it. You have got to be kidding me. As I was taking her off the sofa table I realized I was really hot. Thinking it was frustration I let it go. About an hour later I thought I was going to melt. The furnace was turned up to 75. Guess who????? Sweet Megan Kate. Apparently she can reach the furnace from her time-out chair. Yes, I need to move the chair but I really need more creative solutions here.

I'm having a contest. I need a solution that really works. I will give the "Stay-At-Home-Mamma-Drama Award" to the individual that provides me with detailed plan of dealing with Megan's behavior. This plan must actually work. The recipient of this award will be lavishly praised on my blog.

This is all I have so far to go on.............................I'm trying to bring some humor into this to grab your attention...................

Most likely to tell me what Super Nanny would do - Dena

Most likely to tell me to construct an indoor climbing structure to give Megan an "appropriate" place to climb - Andrea

Most likely to wonder why I'm having so much trouble with such a perfect little specimen like Sweet Megan Kate - John

Most likely to have no idea how to help me because their own children are perfect angels, and they always have been - Ruth and Laura (did I mention their children are brilliant too?)

Most likely to tell me to SCRAPBOOK? Megan's unproductive, ridiculous time-out - Katie

Most likely to have no time to help me because she is on the porch with her neighbors - Nana

Most likely to begin giving me a good solution, then have to go because one of her kids just went potty in the dog's dish while she was getting the others dressed for a trip to the Emergency Room - Sara (disclaimer - this event did not actually happen but was based on a serious of other events of a similar nature! ha)

Most likely to tell me Megan needs a chiropractor and double check that I am feeding her organic products - Mary

Most likely to offer the world's most perfect solution, receive the "Stay-At-Home-Momma-Drama Award" and have Lisa create a blog all about how great you are - (insert your name here)

The winner will be announced right here.........stay tuned


Ruth Dunkman said...

Congratulations on having a physically fit, ingenious daughter! My advice is to give her lots of times and places to do "appropriate" physical activity (go to the park three times a day, let her run at a McDonald's playland, take her on long walks where she can use up her energy, get her a little trike or scooter and let her tear up and down the sidewalk). Then when she climbs on the table, you can remind her that tables are not for climbing on. You can even make it a game ("Are tables for climbing on? Noooo!") Think "Dog Whisperer"--his advice is to wear out the energetic dogs so they are more likely to follow your wishes.

Matt was a climber, so I sympathize!

Love, Ruth

The Canterbury Family said...

My dear sister. Listening for 5 hours yesterday wasn't enough for you? Now here are my suggestions (and remember how competitve I am.. I will will the title of the "stay at chase momma dramma"
Ok my original reaction was buy a helmet and knee pads and let the kid climb... But the "experts" disagreed... They say its NORMAL for toddlers to explore. Let her do it safely. She wants to be high.. do what we do... bring a chair over to the kitchen sink, let her climb up, give her a cup and sponge and let that little one get to work!!! Show her its ok to explore and climb while being supervised and having fun! That way she will learn to clean at a young age, get her climbing out of her for the day and most importantly----she'll have her mommy attention that she is craving! Even leaving her for 30 seconds-she just wants YOU. Hug her, tell her you love her, kiss her, remind her aunt Katie is a princess and get on the floor and play... She'll get over it. Oh and one more thing... Oh here's an idea-take her to a jungle gym or get one for your house to show her a safe place to climb... You have a big, spider-free basement that you could set up stuff for her.. remember the slide? She loves mine and climbs the little stairs-funny she didn't even look at a chair that day :) xoxoxoxo your brilliant sister! (who obviously deserves the award...does it come in a small blue box)

The Canterbury Family said...

One more comment.. I told you to scrapbook Megan playing w/ the thermostat... Now that Ruth saying is fresh in my mind from the "cruise post".... they are only little once... Buy a leash when you need to fetch a pair of socks and tie her to the table.. geesh Lis, that wasn't hard... anyway the comments made me pee my pants! I do have the Super Nanny book if you'd like to borrow it.. Its at Momma's (but she probably didn't read it because she was chatting w/ Aunt Ann on the phone)

Andrea said...

Your child is and John are my rich freinds AND YET poor Megan has a $40 old navy coat BUT NO fun toys....BAD MOMMY!

PS the new parents magazine says to hold them facing away from you in time out and don't talk to them

Mary said...

Um, how about flipping the chairs on top of the table like you're going to mop? My #1 concern wouldn't be trying to teach her some life lesson. It would just be her safety. Good luck! (Oh, she still needs a chiro, though, even if she doesn't fall) ;)

Anonymous said...

I think that putting the chairs on the table would be a bad idea...I know Megan more than I know my own husband at times...and she'd probably do the same thing my husband would do---pull them down on top of her.

Yes, sad, but true.

I do want to mention that I love the fancy expensive new pink coat, although I agree she needs a "safe" place to climb that you can grab her off the table and stick her on her safe climb toy to show her where it is OK to climb.

Although -my favorite- suggestion that I told you the other day still holds true....Tie a ball and chain to her leg. She won't climb much then AND she won't be able to pick it up and throw it like her pink ball ;o) Just chain her to it any time you need to do dishes, cook dinner for John, get new socks, make Johns lunch, do the laundry, take out the dog, grab the mail, vaccume the carpet, sweep the entry way, mop the kitchen, pick up cheerio's, or take a short nap from being the house MAID and all will be safe and sound. :oD now THERE is a winning idea!!! hahaha


Colleen said...

I think I remember reading in a parenting book that a lot of children's behaviors are fulfilling a need - in this case the need to explore. From her new vantage point, she is finding new ways of adding to her skills. I like the helping with dishes suggestion - what other things can she "help" with while on a chair? At the table, teaching her how to play with play-dough might be another good idea.

Of course, this might "reward" her for chair climbing. If there is nothing to do when she is at the chair, eventually (after much re-direction)she may no longer be interested and sit down.

Another suggestion that seemed nice was to put the chairs upon the table. Of course, it's a temporary sanity-preserving measure; if she's still curious about chair/table climbing, the first time she sees one down guess what she'll do?

Brendan is 3 1/2 and is constantly busy, too. Good luck!


The Canterbury Family said...

UPDATE: Megan loves doing dishes... When she was over Friday I pulled the chair up and she just stood there.. She didn't really want to help much but it was cute... AND GUESS WHAT??? She NEVER tried climbing on any chairs (except the one w/ the booster seat b/c all that child does is eat)...
PS.. You owe me $50 for her grocery bill from dinner on Friday (hahahaha).... I love that little girl...