Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Leeds Farm - September 29, 2007

John's company has some sort of gathering for employees and their families every couple of months. This time, it was the Leeds Pumpkin Farm. Megan had a great time looking at the animals! Since his work paid for everything, we didn't think to bring any cash with us, only the trusty debit/credit cards. There was a feeder in the barn, but you had to pay $.50 for a cup of food for the goats. John and I both looked at each other and couldn't believe between the two of us we couldn't even come up with FIFTY DARN CENTS!! Those poor goats kept looking at Megan, thinking she might give them some food . . . but nope . . . her parents only had plastic. Sign of the times, isn't it?

We took a hayride around the grounds. It was fun!

Our little pumpkin.

Wow......she's getting so big!

Be careful, the pigs bite! They are cute, aren't they?

Those poor, hungry goats!


Mary said...

Oh my gosh, Megan is getting to be a big girl, and her hair is so pretty!! What size is she wearing? Emma cannot even wear size 24mo pants - they hang off her!

Ruth Dunkman said...

Hi Lisa,

Thanks so much for sharing the pix! You look like a model in the first one, and Megan is so cute looking at the goats in the last one!

Love, Ruth

Anonymous said...

Whenever we went to the petting zoo as kids, the goats would always try to eat mom's purse when she wasn't looking. One goat actually successfully chewed a hole in one! Those greedy little varmens will eat anything!

--Dena (I forgot my password apparently)