Friday, May 30, 2008

A Donkey Made My Day!

If life had a magic rewind button, I would go back and experience this day with Megan over and over. Too bad it doesn't, huh? I guess I'll have to settle for the warm memory and the pictures, which I hope always remind me that some of the best memories happen when you least expect them.

Megan and I went to a little farm near our house to buy some flowers for the yard this morning. When we pulled up, there were a bunch of sheep in a little pasture by the parking lot. Megan looked at them for a while but it got a little boring because the sheep just stood there saying "baaaaaaaaa." I convinced Megan to shop with me for some flowers and we'd come back to look at the sheep again before we left (hoping by then they might have the energy to WALK AROUND or do something more fun that just stand there.) Anyway, Megan was acting a bit "naughty" while I was shopping for the flowers. She kept trying to walk away from me to go watch the sheep do nothing again. I told her we would go back and look at the sheep after we paid for the flowers, but ONLY if she minded her manners and behaved. It took every ounce of patience she had but she was able to pull herself together for the last few minutes of shopping. We put the flowers in the car, ran back to the pasture (well, Megan ran and I scurried behind her) and guess what........those darn sheep wandered off somewhere and the pasture was empty. I could see Megan's heart breaking as she yelled, "Sheep! Sheep! Baaaa! Momma, where'd sheep go?" All of sudden, a creature emerged from the woods.

It was the most adorable little donkey.

I couldn't believe it when he trotted right up to Megan, who was still yelling "baaaaaa" from the other side of the fence. Perhaps he was just glad to see someone other than those boring sheep.

He stood there for a little bit making some noises at Megan. She made some back too, mostly squeals of utter delight. He was so much more interesting than the sheep!

Then the little donkey started rolling around on the ground. Megan got really worried something was wrong with the little guy. She kept saying, "Are you alright? Are you alright? Momma, donkey fell down."

Check out the concerned look on her face. She is such a compassionate little girl. I told her the donkey was getting ready to take a nap. This seemed to satisfy her. She waved bye bye to the donkey. When I said goodbye to the donkey, Megan said, "Shhhhh momma. Donkey sleeping." (only she pronounced it more like, "Shhh momma. Onkey seeping."

To some people, that little guy is just a donkey but to me, he's my knight in shining armour. It's almost like he knew just when to emerge from the woods to save my little girl from disappointment (and me from having to wait around all day for a lazy sheep to appear.) That sweet donkey also helped to create the warmest memory. That donkey made my day!


Mary said...

Just adorable! Megan's ringlets are incredible. Sounds like such a fun day!

Anonymous said...

So glad you can share these special moments with Megan and with all of your blog fans, Lisa. Our son, Matt, is doing some babysitting this summer for the 1 1/2 year old son of a classmate--he's getting to know the way that hours can zoom by when you are in the presence of a little one. People say that babies are fresh from God and we can learn about Him by spending time with them--I concur!

Love, Ruth