Thursday, November 20, 2008

Dear St. John,

Since you've been away on your business trip, some things have changed around here.
Painting with watercolors in now the favorite morning activity.
Play dough is now considered "so last season."

Megan is sleeping all the way through the night and no longer gets
up 109384983893857934574 times to ask for a drink.

I got tired of cleaning up your dog's love droppings and hired a dog walker.

We're all much happier now.


Denise said...

Megan is beautiful....there isnt anything cuter than a sleeping baby. And hiring a dog walker was a brilliant if they will stick around to clean up those indoor messes that Mocha makes then you will be All Set.

Kristina P. said...

Good call with the dog walker!!

St. John said...

Dear Greatest Wife Lisa,

I love the latest blog. The paintings are beautiful and I love them on the fridge way more than the usual clutter we keep there. I am very happy that our young Darling Miss Megan is sleeping through the night. And, ABOUT TIME ha ha, I am delighted to hear that you found a solution to your troubles with Mocha.

I am looking forward to coming home tomorrow. I miss you two. Terribly.

I love you.
Saint John

Erin said...

Play Doh IS so last season.

What a sweet letter in response from Saint John!!