Saturday, November 22, 2008

I Flirt With Vampires

Twilight Movie Premier Action Plan

Step One - Create t-shirt that advertises my obsession with Edward Cullen
to wear to the premier

I Want to Have Your Vampire Babies
All I Want for Christmas is Edward Cullen
Leach Lover
I Kissed a Vampire and I Liked It
Boys in Books are Better

Didn't have enough letters, so I settled for this . . .

I ironed-on the letters, not realizing I was placing them directly on top of my ta-tas.
Oops . . . not exactly the look I was going for but no time to fix.

St. John came home from his business trip as I was getting dressed for the big premier. He walked into our bedroom at the exact moment I slipped into the shirt.

Step Two - Fight off husband who mistakes the t-shirt as instructions for him.

ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha

Step Three - Have a great time at the movie with Nikki, my sister Katie, and my mom.

Step Four - Try not to be too disappointed by the atrocious acting and weak special effects in the movie. Movies are never as good as the books.

The Edward that lives inside my head is soooooo much hotter and sexier,


My Edward doesn't wear lipstick either, but that's a whole other story.

Step Five - Go home and finally get to spend some time with St. John (who's way better than some rich, gorgeous, romantic, fictional vampire any day.)

And, he wouldn't be caught dead wearing lipstick . . .

unless it was mine, of course!


Kristina P. said...

That shirt is so funny!

I can't wait to go next weekend!

Lorie said...

I love the shirt!! I haven't seen the movie yet, but after all the reviews I am in no rush!

Positively Creative! said...

FFUUNNYY!!! I actually loved the movie..understand some of the bad acting and the wierd scary Jasper..mmm..But now I can say I AM HOOKED!! My son is reading New Moon and keeping me updated on what happens next..since I have no time to read..!! SOOO lovin my teenager right now..heehee!

Schwartz Family said...

That shirt is Awesome! Love the fact you put it right on the Tata's! LOL I have not seen the movie or read the book. I have kinda put it off due to the fact everywhere I go someone has to ask, "did you name your daughter Bella because of twilight?" I want to put it out there that my Bella came first and no daughter of mine will be in love with a Vampire! LOL JK I guess I do need to check out what all the Hype is about.

Kristina P. said...

Hey I put up my Twilight review today. I didn't have a cool shirt though. :(