Monday, January 5, 2009

Act Your Age Not Your Shoe Size

That was my New Year's resolution for 2009.

Then I decided that would be no fun at all.

I'll start at the beginning . . .

We went to our cabin in Steamburg, NY to celebrate the new year.
We were sooooo excited to see snow for the first time this winter.
(I love lake effect snow in NY.)

I wore stupid glasses and made everyone laugh.

Then we hit the hills and went sledding . . .

Disclaimer: No fetus was harmed during the performance of these stunts.

Fetus XX?XY (who is currently the size of a grain of rice) remained safe inside a thick layer of padding known as my belly fat.

And I took it nice and easy. I didn't go down any of the big hills.
I was so tame actually, Justin offered to get me a lawn chair.

I still managed to have quite a bit of immature fun . . . don't worry.

Megan had a blast sledding for the first time.

A little ramp jumping fun.

My sis and Justin

St. John and I

Happy New Year 2009!


Jillene said...

How fun!! I love sleding and I look forward to taking my kids very soon!!

Denise said...

Awesome pics! I love your cabin!!

Kristina P. said...

I haven't been sledding in years! That looks so fun!

Kate said...

Your sister is HOT!

LOVED sledding!!! It was so much fun. I bought new sleds that we can spray pam on for the ultimate adventure - Martin Luther King weekend, here we come... Hope it snows more up there - it all melted on Sunday after you left :(