Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A Merry Little Christmas

And he brought with him the Mac Daddy of all doll houses . . .
the Fisher Price Happy Family Grand Dollhouse.
(John and I nicknamed it the "Poor House" because that's where you are after you buy it.)
Good thing for Santa!

I was the first one up in the house . . . begging John to get up! (unusual)
I was so excited I couldn't sleep.

I couldn't wait to play with the Happy Family.
Check that out - stainless steel appliances!
Megan taking a peek over the balcony.

She said, "Oh my. A big, big house. A big, big house!"

She ran right over to it.

This is what ecstatic looks like.

Hugging the appliances!

I love the look of pure joy on her face.
I love Christmas with a kid!

This camera takes photos/videos underwater to 33 feet.
It will really come in handy on our next snorkel/scuba adventure.

After we opened gifts and had a heart healthy breakfast (egg casserole with sauage)
we went to my mom's house.

My dad (whose name is Mike, by the way) gave me this present.
Think he wants Fetus XX ? XY to be named after him????

I love Christmas!


Kristina P. said...

That dollhouse is awesome! I sort of want one.

Helene said...

That doll house totally rocks!! My daughter would have loved something like that at Christmas but when I gave her the option between a doll house or a play kitchen, she opted for the play kitchen. I have a feeling she'll hit us up for the doll house on her birthday!!!

I found you through Blog Stalkers Unite!

Erin said...

That IS the Mac Daddy of all doll houses. What a fun Christmas at your house!

Mike? Mikelina? It'll be interesting to see what you name him/her.

Melissa said...

Your dad calling your baby, baby mike cracks me up. My daughter is still called little duane. He was hoping we would have a boy and name him duane SOOO bad!

Cammie said...

that dollhouse ROCKS!!! Oh, and hello, Im hitting the Ohio blogs on BSU and wanted to say HI!!