Monday, January 12, 2009

Wet 'n Wild

Our Annual Trip to Kalahari Resort Indoor Water Park

The Wave Pool -

Megan was so brave.

And so was I!
It was kinda scary.

The Kids Area:

The Hot Tub:
Megan called it the "warm pool."
Snuggling with daddy to warm up.

During the day, John had to attend a nerd convention Computer Conference at the resort.
(I told you his employer, Quick Solutions, was AWESOME.)
Megan and I had some fun while we waited to catch back up with him in the evening.

We painted pottery together . . .

and did an arts and crafts activity . . .

Did you know my child is gifted when it comes to making bead bracelets?

We also visited the arcade area at the resort.

I let her ride anything she wanted because I'm cool like that

The resort is decorated to look like Africa.
It is an amazing place!
It has numerous restaurants, a coffee shop, a candy store,
several gift shops, paint your own pottery, mini-golf, children's tree house climbing area, etc.
Oh yeah, and the world's most ginormous water park!

They even have a baby lion (not pictured :)
The lady asked Megan if she wanted to see the baby lion.
She dramatically rolled her eyes and said, "That's not a lion, it's a jaguar. Let's go Mommy."
(The lion did have some spots, after all. Who knew baby lions had spots?)
The lady replied, "She's only 2? You must read to her a lot because she is smart as a whip."
Little did she know my child knows all about jaguars from watching Go Diego Go.
We had a great time at Kalahari.
Being married to a computer geek sexiest man alive certainly has its perks.
Check out Kalahari's website here.


Kate said...

now i really wish we would have been able to meet you there :( sniff...

NEXT YEAR we'll be there no matter what :)

Kristina P. said...

That place looks awesome! I wish it was nice and warm here. Stupid snow.

my stay-at-home-momma drama said...

It is freezing here too Kristina. The water park is indoors.

Your Friend said...

What a fun time! And the pottery is beautiful.