Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Did I Do It?

That happens to be the most terrifying roller coaster in the world . . . the TOP THRILL DRAGSTER !

The night before we went to Cedar Point, I was up worrying about it until 3 am. (seriously) I just was too afraid to even think about riding it.

Not to be taken lightly, my friends, this coaster is 42 stories high (that's 420 feet.)

It launches riders 120 mph in 4 seconds.

Think about that for a moment . . .

Then you shoot 420 ft. straight up the hill, rotate 90 degrees, crest the coaster's apex and then free fall back to earth, twisting 270 degrees on the way!

Did I do it ???????

Well, we waited in line for about an hour. I watched the ride over and over, becoming more terrifed with each passing moment. I asked my companions a list of questions, not meant to drive them crazy, but to collect the information I needed to make a decision about whether or not to ride.

A few of my 1089473892389745 questions:

1. Do you think it is possible to die from fear alone? Seriously guys, is it possible? Can get so afraid your heart just stops beating? SERIOUSLY answer me.

2. How does this compare to the Powder Keg at Silver Dollar City? Is this more or less scary than the Magnum? The Millenium Force? The Raptor?

3. Will you lose respect for the tough girl you know I am if I don't do it?

Our turn to get on . . . the dreaded moment

I stepped on the coaster, looked up, then stepped right back off.

Walking toward the exit, a ride attendant (who looked about 12 yrs old) looked at me with a disgusted look on his face . . . "You're not gonna ride it ? ? ?

{feeling ashamed of myself}

You bet your sweet {blankety-blank} I will!

My pride got the best of me. I stepped back on the ride, sat down and quickly buckled my seat belt.

All the people in line went wild. They clapped for me . . . the chicken who changed her mind! (Shoot, guess I can't get back off now.)

John held my hand (until I told him to take his hand back out of fear the force of the launch would break his wrist.) I tightly closed my eyes (so tightly, in fact, that I now need Botox to erase the fine lines created.)

The wait for the launch dragged on and on . . . prolonging the terror and building even more mental hype . . .

Oh my . . . unbelievable, amazing ride. I want to do it again!

The rest of the day . . .

The crew . . . John, me, Erin, Nathan, Justin, and Katie

I love Cedar Point! One of the best things about living in Ohio!


The Canterbury Family said...

What is up with the fat pictures of me on your blog? I've come to realize something... I'm just that fat. I thought every picture you get of me is terrible - I look so fat. Truth is, I guess I am just that fat.

I just threw away the bag of bbq chips I was eating... drastic, I know.

Turbo jam date night? I will provide the ice cube snack and dvd if you provide the fat girl comments so I work extra hard.

Your overweight, depressed, bad picture person ever...

The Canterbury Family said...

Oh and reading your "questions" - that was just as bad as hearing them.

Much love to ya sista but don't think I will ever wait in line with you on a coaster you think you may die riding...

John is a lucky, lucky man... Do you think John is luckier than the person who operates Dragster? Seriously? Well is he luckier than the person who designed it? No way. He is luckier than Powder Keg operators, right? Right? Right? Right? You get the idea....

Mary said...

Oh-my-God, Lisa! I cannot believe you rode that. I let Ethan watch the Point of View video of it on Cedar Point's website, and he's made me absolutely SWEAR I'll take him.