Sunday, September 28, 2008

Viva Mexico - Part Dos

Day Two -
The view from our room was gorgeous. The resort had four huge pools and one of them was in front of our room.

On our balcony

Other side of the balcony

Didn't you ever hear that Mexico is all about bribery?

We were in critical need of supplies in the wet bar of our room!

John laughed when he saw this note and called it my "SPANGLISH." ha, ha

Pretty view from our room

Iguanas that roamed the outside of the resort.
Now, before you view the next two pictures I want you to imagine this . . .
Imagine someone offered you $70 U.S. dollars to attend a "short" time share presentation.
Imagine you thought this might be an easy way to make some money (until you realized $70 at this resort wouldn't get you very far, and was pretty much the equivalent of $5 at home.)
Imagine you asked for a VIRGIN pina colada. (After all, it was before noon.)
Imagine the time share guy thought you might just say yes to his bad deal if he made your drink really, really strong and really, really big.
Imagine you drank that whole drink super fast (partly because you were so bored and partly because it was 950 degrees in the shade) and never once tasted a hint of alcohol in it.
Then imagine you had to go to the bathroom really badly and realized when you stood up that you were certainly drunk.
Imagine you started talking to yourself in the mirror of the bathroom, "You, my friend, are drunk. Yep, I think you are! You silly girl. You silly, silly drunk girl. You are drunk."
We left the time share presentation, luckily without a time share of our own. Then this happened.

Funny, that was the biggest, strongest pina colada I was served all week. Oh well. Later that day, we swam and just enjoyed ourselves.

I have a weird tradition of posing with the towel animals on our bed.

And just to spice up this boring account of every detail of our vacation (if you're even still reading this,) here is a video I took with the camera at dinner. I didn't even know the camera had this feature. Lucky you!

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Ruth Dunkman said...

Wow--what a beautiful place! I'm so glad you could be Vacation Lisa and Vacation John for a while. Love you!