Friday, September 12, 2008

I've Been Tagged

I guess that means I'm somehow obligated to answer a bunch of questions. Thanks Katie. To check out her blog, click here.

I am: preparing to go on vacation in a week
I need: lots of sunscreen
I know: being a good mom is very important to me
I want: another baby sometime next year
I have: a very blessed life
I dislike: seafood, people who drive too slow in the left lane, wasting time
I miss: when everyone in my extended family lived in the same city
I fear: spiders
I feel: happy and content
I hear: silence because Megan is sleeping
I smell: nothing, and that is a good thing
I cry: more often because I'm happy than sad
I usually: stay up way too late
I search: for a cute Halloween costume for Megan - anyone with ideas?
I wonder: if Megan will ever stay in bed at night
I regret: the times I should have been more kind to people as an officer but was frustrated/busy
I love: everything about being a mom
I care: about eating healthy foods
I always: kiss Megan goodnight and tell her I love her
I worry: before hosting an event - (will I have enough food, what if I burn the roast, etc.)
I am not: shy
I remember: the first time I ever saw John smile
I believe: happiness is all about your perspective
I dance: when I listen to the CD Mary burned for Cooters in the Ozarks '08
I sing: all the time and Megan says, "Mommy, don't sing. Shhhhh!"
I don't always: screw the lid on tightly when I'm done with something . . .this bugs St. John
I argue: when certain individuals want to spend more money than the city has
I write: lists and then lose them before I complete them
I win: if I set my mind to it
I lose: my keys and cell phone at least once a day - my bank card about once a month
I wish: parents would stop forgetting about their babies in the car on hot days - so, so sad
I listen: to Megan read her book You Can't Move a Hippo and smile
I don't understand: why people ever hurt children
I can usually be found: at home or out shopping
I am scared: of flushing the toilet after dark (charming, I know)
I need: to go exercise
I forget: at least 3 items every time I go to the grocery store
I am happy: because I've learned to see the good in all things, create my own happiness, and be glad for what I have right here inside these four walls

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