Monday, September 8, 2008

This Day Brought to You by the Letter B

This past weekend, my friend Kasey turned 30. The girls got together to throw her a party. At the party, I ran into a lot of the girls I used to teach at Reynoldsburg High School. Many of them questioned me curiously,

"Aren't you BORED?"

They obviously aren't frequent readers of "My Stay-at-Home-Momma-Drama," or they would see my life is anything but BORING.

I decided to dedicate today to the letter B.

Megan and I looked through magazines for things that began with the letter B.

We glued them down on scrapbook paper to put them in a book.

We found pictures of a burger, button, balloon, boots, bears, bed, and a boy. Not bored yet!
Then we went on a B scavenger hunt to find things around the house than began with B. Look, a bookbag!

A book!

A ball!

A sweet baby!

Then we took out the play dough.

Wow, the letter B. Still not bored!

Then we made some lunch together. We had noodles in a BOWL while wearing a BIB.

We even had some cucumber and green pepper from our garden! Brilliant.

At naptime, we discovered a few things we missed on our scavenger hunt - BINKY, BUTTERFLY pillow, and of course, BINKYDOG!

I guess to some, this may be boring.

To me, it is absolute BLISS.


Anonymous said...


The Canterbury Family said...

You forgot her bowls - we know you already have a picture of that..

Did you insist on heads down before the test began?

You are a great motha and an inspiration to all of us that are bored at work reading this post!

The Canterbury Family said...

Tomorrow's post..

This day brought to you by the letter R

On the scrapbook page you could put
Republican (your family photo will work)
Royalty (my picture would work)
Rat (look in the garage)
Raisin (your pantry or Megan's pocket)
Risky (your Gatlinburg photos would work for this one)

Anonymous said...

I want to know about the rat in the garage from Katie's post...

You are one bodacious babe, Lisa!

Love, Ruth

The Canterbury Family said...

the posts were jokes.. I meant bowels, not bowls, by the way. And I NEVER thought she'd "approve" them :) I was kidding... But I'm laughing!!

Rats - haha.. I was kidding. The rodents aren't in her garage!!!!