Sunday, September 21, 2008

Guest Blogger

So - Lisa is out of town and I am guest blogging for her. She was a little nervous, so hopefully I keep the embarrassing moments to a minimum! By the way, this is Lisa's sister - you can read about me here.

Anyway, I have a few posts up my sleeve for the week. I decided to keep the first one very nice! It is a post dedicated to my wonderful sister.

Lisa is amazing! She is truly my best friend and life would be terrible without her! It's only been two days since we've talked and I already miss her. I look forward to her morning call at 9:00am and tomorrow will be the most difficult.

Here are some random things about her-

* She can dance like no other! Really, you should see her get down. ha. She prefers some good 80's tunes if you would like to get her in the mood.

* Her baking. She makes the most beautiful cakes ever. I keep telling her to go pro but she just won't listen.

* She can make a wet paper bag fun. Spending 11 hours in the car with her and never getting bored is not abnormal for a trip with Lisa.

* Her love for politics. As far back as I can remember, she has always loved good political drama!

* She is super smart. I mean super duper smart. I have to tell this story because it is so funny. Lisa was telling me on one of our road trips that John's family is so smart and they always ask her what she is reading or something like that - she wasn't reading much at the time and asked me if Soap Opera Digest would be an appropriate enough reply... haha. Only Lisa.

* She loves Lost, General Hospital, Dr. somebody on TLC - maybe G, Grey's, Jack's Big Music Show, the color pink, scrapbooking, blogging, her sister, blog stalking, talking on the phone, singing her 80's tunes (and early 90's), vacations, the Carribean, and so much more - but I have to go make my family dinner!

Oh Leaper, hope you are having a blast in Mexico. Look forward to some enjoyable posts this week :) Here is a little picture of Lisa to get you by...

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Ruth Dunkman said...

Thanks, Katie. I was preparing myself for a week without Lisa's posts, and now it won't be so bad!

Love, Ruth