Thursday, September 4, 2008

A Day at the Fair

It all started with a little trip out to the Richwood Independent Fair.

Location: 10 miles past the middle of nowhere, Ohio

Megan got a little bored in the car and messed around with her headband to make us laugh. It worked!

Finally there!

We checked out the animals and talked to a lot of nice people. Of course, I had a million questions about the cows. They are fascinating.

" Ginormous" - a combination of gigantic and enormous

Then Megan found the rides.

She really liked this bounce thing. So much, in fact, that we had to crawl inside ourselves to pull her out when a bunch of big kids went in there to jump. We are so lame.

She begged us to ride a kiddie roller coaster. Unsure, we started her off with the bug ride. I asked the man, "If she is scared, do you promise you'll stop it so I can get her off?"

Wow, it went really fast but she seemed to like it.

She was just tall enough for the coaster - 36 inches exactly. I asked the attendant, "Does it have a seatbelt?" He rolled his eyes and said, "duh." Wow, I feel so much better about this now.

This is the only photo I got because Megan was absolutely TERRIFIED. I had to RUN, no sprint, back to the attendant while screaming, "Stop the ride. She's scared. Stop the ride." I actually climbed the gate to get inside so I could get Megan off. Take a step back psycho mom. As we were walking away from the ride, Megan pointed and said, "I wanna do it again!" Uh, maybe next year.

After the coaster we did the next logical, wholesome family activity - bet on some horse races! Megan and I chose our horse because we liked his name "Cruise on By." It reminded us of my driving.

When we got home, we were disgustingly dirty and sweaty. Megan and I took a bath together until it was abruptly ended by a floater.
Gross. I don't think I'll be taking baths with her anymore.

We finally got all cleaned up and put Megan to sleep.

Then I got some snuggle time on the couch with St. John.

What a fun day!

P.S. John just brought it to my attention that he thinks we look naked in this picture. Only G-rated, not naked, snuggling pictures allowed on this blog! (Just in case you may have thought the same thing. Ewwww.)

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