Saturday, September 27, 2008

Dear John and Lisa,

Welcome home. I hope you had a great time in Mexico. You were me.

Some things you missed this week:

* Your brother and mine cut his knee with a chain saw (not off, but enough for stitches). It wasn't pretty. I have cell phone pictures if you'd like to see :) He tried to waive the pain medicine in the ER but they insisted. Anyway, he is just fine and back to his old self.

* I gained 5lbs. I only did Turbo Jam twice. I need my exercising buddy back...

* Mrs. Keller called me on Thursday and my heart sank when your number came up on my cell phone. My heart was racing. Thankfully, it was a car seat problem and Justin went over and fixed it. He did give me minute by minute Megan updates for the 3 minutes he was there and she seemed fine.. darn. I was hoping she was screaming for me.... she wasn't.

* Ma and Pa closed on the cabin. I've name it "chateau le Kate" - I'm not sure if that is correct french - I took Spanish. Casa de Kate is catchy too - feel free to use either one.

* It was a pretty boring week.

SO I hope you come home in one piece and full of energy. Turbo Jam starts up again tomorrow. No time like the present.

Really, I can't wait to see all the pictures. Thanks for letting me take over your blog for the week. I missed you both and little Megan. I'll see you at Church in the morning - but at the end. I wouldn't mind if Colin actually stayed quiet and if he sees Megan, it's all over. I am thinking we might all need some CB for breakfast, you in???

Welcome home.


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