Friday, October 24, 2008

How to Make an Adorable Halloween Costume

Wanna know how to make this adorable costume???

Ok . . . I'll tell you.
Start with a piece of elastic.
Wrap it around your daughter's waist and mark with a pen (on the elastic) how large it is.
Make sure you leave several inches on either side to tie the elastic together.
Next, fold tulle in half and cut into approximately 4 inch strips. You decide how long to make the strips. (I used a total of 10 yards of tulle. 4 yards of black, 4 yards of purple, and 2 yards of yellow. I bought it at Walmart for $.97 a yard.)
Loop it around the elastic and tie into a knot.

Keep going, alternating your colors until you have tulle filled in completely between your pen marks on the elastic.
Tip - tie your elastic between two chairs to make it easier on
yourself while adding the tulle.

With a hot glue gun, add embellishments to a witch hat. I found this
little treat bucket cauldron at Walmart for $1.00.

I did the same with a little broom I found at Walmart.

On top, I just put her in a black sweater and and some purple beads. I also found black and purple striped tights at Kroger.

I love, love, love this costume. Don't you???

Variations: (just to name a few)

white tutu, wand & wings - tooth fairy

red tutu with black dots, wings, antennae - ladybug

tutu, antennae, wings - butterfly

Now, for those of you who entered my costume contest and feel dissed because I disregarded your suggestions and came up with my own . . . now you know first hand what it feels like to be St. John.

No, seriously . . . honorable mention to the other costumes that just weren't good enough for my little Maggie Moo.

Thanks Kristina P. - I don't know you but I'm so glad you started stalking my blog. I love stalking yours too. I almost pee pee in my pants sometimes but that is a good thing. You're hysterical girl! Check out Kristina's blog here, but make sure you're wearing your depends.

And to my sister Katie - you listening to me yammer on and on, obsessing over every detail of this costume earns you a mention as well. Check out Katie's blog here.

Now, just click below and leave me a comment. Tell me how much I remind you of Martha Stewart. The accolades stoke my fragile ego. C'mon sweet blog stalkers, come out of the closet.


Kristina P. said...

This is SO cute. I'm glad you went with making it.

And thanks for the shout out. Your little girl is adorable!

Tanyababble said...

This costume is adorable. You are a very talented.

Patinostylin said...
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Anonymous said...

You're little girl is precious.

The Ertel Triplets said...

This turned out great. Wherever did you get the idea? Amazing. I love the tulle strips and how pouffy they stick out when on her... It's sooooo cute! I think you are good at just about everything. :)

Positively Creative! said...

I love this costume it's right up my alley!!
Great Job!!

AJoyfulBabyBowtique said...

hi! i noticed you "stalked" livin life pation style's blog and i do too! so i clicked on yours from her comment thing! LOVE the costume you made! i'm finally having a girl in abou 10 days or so! i design and sell hair accessories, now i'll have my own little model for it! i can't wait to make some cute tutus too :) your little girl was the cutest witch ever and she should've won that contest! :) have a great day!
my blog is