Monday, October 13, 2008

Two Things That Have Me Ecstatic Today

1. Gas at $2.97 a gallon (Kinda makes me want to top off my tank and the lawn mower's tank, fill all the gas containers in the garage, every thermos we have in the house, old milk jugs, Cool Whip containers, sippy cups, etc . . . or would that be considered hoarding?)

2. Wall Street comeback (perhaps St. John can retire someday after all!)


Kristina P. said...

$2.97?!?!?!? Where do you live?

I was happy to see it at $3.27 this morning.

Lisa said...

Ohio! Can y'all say $2.97 a gallon? Waaooop, waaoop. (Picture me doing a happy dance, raisin' the roof, and doing the electric slide . . . all the way to the gas pumps.)

Ruth said...

And I was happy with $3.47 yesterday. Yay, Chicago. :)

Andrew Dunkman said...

Just to let you know... $1.99 here in Rolla today. :)