Saturday, October 18, 2008

October 18

I am shamelessly promoting a book called The Mother In Me: Real-World Reflections on Growing into Motherhood.

Purchasing this book today (October 18 only) from Deseret Books will benefit Stephanie Nielson. (In case you don't know, Stephanie is my mommy/wife/all around awesome person idol who was terribly burned in a plane crash on August 16.) I don't know her personally but reading her blog has had a profound impact on how I view mothering and being a wife. To read my hero Nie Nie's blog from before her accident, click here.

Stephanie and her husband Christian will need extensive rehabilitation to recover from their injuries, which is projected to cost in the millions. They have 4 young children that are being cared for by relatives during this process. To find out more about their life since the accident or to donate money to this worthy cause, please read Courtney's blog (Stephanie's sister.) Find it here.

Purchase this book today as an excellent Christmas gift for an excellent mother or for yourself. It is a GREAT CAUSE. (I already bought one today so this isn't a hint for me.)

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