Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Indian Summer

This place is the best kept secret in our city. It is so beautiful (especially in the fall) and it is practically empty every time I visit. Today was a gorgeous day, possibly the last day of Indian summer here in Central Ohio. I decided to put on Megan's fall sweater (even if it was nearly 80) to take our traditional fall pics by the water.

We ran around under the trees and tossed leaves up in the air. We could act like complete fools and not worry about anyone seeing us. I loved it! I grabbed a big pile of leaves and held them near my backside (while shaking it like only I can) and sang, "Whattcha gonna do with all that junk . . . all that junk up in that trunk? (If you don't know the song, you're probably better off. ha) Anyway, I was trying to make Megan laugh. She yelled, "Mommy, stop singing!" So . . . I did. *frown*
She isn't old enough to be completely embarassed of me yet, is she? I hope not. I'm just not ready to be normal.

We rode the teeter totter . . . although it neither teetered nor tottered with me holding down my end of it.

She rode this whale like it was a bucking bronco. Go Megan!

For more info on Delaware Lake, go here.

For more info on Delaware State Park, go here

To see how much my baby grew from last year, look . . .




Alyson (New England Living) said...

I'm in love with fall! And you got some great photos.

The Ertel Triplets said...

I'm playing comment catch-up today. :)

I love your pics! The lake looks gorgeous and what a great tradition. I can't believe how much she has grown in the past year!

I especially love the one with the full shot of the tree and also her walking with the leaf. What a cutie!