Saturday, October 4, 2008

I'm the Cutest Contest

Members of my blogtourage - I'm having a contest because I desperately need your help (and because contests seem to be the THING to do these days in the blogging world)

Am I the only one completely disgusted with halloween costumes that look like they were designed by a PEDOPHILE???

As some of you already know, Halloween makes me a little CRAZY. For example, last year I picked out this costume (BELOW) for Megan. (Please note the professional photograph, which I had taken after I became convinced this was the CUTEST costume in the world.)

But then I found this adorable bee costume (which she ended up wearing on Halloween.) I'm sure none of you are still wondering why they call my husband ST. John.

So, here's my problem. Once I get the CRAZY started I can't seem to stop.

Remember last year's baby Halloween party? I put the O-V-E-R in overboard.

I spent a gazillion hours making the cake, caramel covered apples for the mommies, and treat bags for the kids.

The kids dined on delicious sandwiches

while the mommies enjoyed white bean chili and spider bread.

I spun out of control last year and no one stopped me. I can usually count on Katie but she was busy spinning out of control last year as well.
How did I get started? The quest for the ultimate halloween costume. I was like a snowball rolling down a hill.

I don't have the time for all that this year. I have a SERIOUS job now. I'm up for re-election in 2009. I have work to do on the tough issues facing Delaware. Would you help me????????

your challenge
Find Megan an adorable Halloween costume for me.

Price range - up to $65 (John, that is a typo of course)

Size - 2t or 3t

*Must be versatile enough for 65 - 40 degree weather - yeah, that's the hard part (we can add clothing under the costume if necessary)

*Must be so adorable I just can't contain myself - bonus points if it is cuter than Megan's friend Anna's costume this year (ha, ha)
*Send me the link to the costume in my comments section.


1. I will buy the costume you chose and you will feel extreme satisfaction for a job well done

2. I will interview you on my blog and tell everyone how fantastic you are.
3. I will make arrangements for you to have the spa treatment of your choice anywhere you want to go (mind you, I didn't say I'd pay for this treatment. I'll make the appointment for you though.)
Doesn't anyone just do anything out of the goodness of their heart anymore. Jeepers, people!
Oh yeah, and if you're a "stalker" reading this blog (I know you're out there . . . I might just be stalking you too) - this is a great chance to get some free advertising if you or someone you know makes custom costumes.
C'mon people, leave me a comment. Do it right now. Why haven't you done it yet?? Don't forget the link to the cutest costume in the world.
Deadline - Wednesday, October 8
Hurry up!!!!
If you don't act soon, John will cut two holes in a sheet and call it a costume. Yikes! Sends shivers down my spine.


Kristina P. said...

Oh my goodness! I love a challenge! And I'm so happy I'm not the only one who goes overboard with stuff like this.

Mary said...

Hey, two holes in a sheet were what I got as a kid and it was just long as the sheets were stain-free (yikes!) What will you do when Megan actually has a preference?

Kristina P. said...

OK, here's my suggestion. The only problem is that it looks like it's 18months to 2T, so it might be too small. I'm not sure. Take a look. Seriously, if I saw a kid wearing this, I would give them all my candy.

Lisa said...

OK- underwhelming response so far. I'm assuming you're searching and will get back to me. SEND ME A LINK! I'm not yelling.

Thanks Kristina P. - I don't know you but think I really like you. Way to go! You're in the lead so far.

Ruth-I'm assuming you're putting together a proposal with the pros and cons of each suggestion. I would expect no less from you dear sis-in-law.

C'mon people.

Kate said...

I like the ladybug and bunny (the witch is ok)-

this one - put on a flesh colored leaotard - my new favorite costume

Go to ETSY and do a halloween costume for girl search and you'll see a TON of super CUTEST ever costumes.

Declare me the winner and move on. I'd like cash.

Kristina P. said...

This one is adorable too:

Lisa said...

Katie, I think you may be helping your only competition here.

Kate said...

I LOVE the lady bug with the striped little legs!!

Kristina - if you find a boy costume size 3t - let me know!! :)

Since I helped my competition, we should both be featured...

Schwartz Family said...

I really like the lady bug tutu. That kate sent. So cute! my daughter is going to be a ladybug but I wish I would have waited to buy her costume cuz that one is much cuter. I bought my daighters at old navy, I like it cuz it looks like it will be warm