Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Lucky You - More Vacay Pics!

I got a little distracted with all the other stuff going on in my way fun life. I only blogged 3 of the 7 days of our vacation!

Don't worry, I'll make it up to you . . .

Viva Mexico - Day 5
(I'm skipping day 4 for now - need water camera pics developed.)

The sunrise - courtesy of John
We boarded a lovely sailboat called the Albatross . . .
Destination: a little island off the coast called
What an amazingly beautiful place!
We did a little snorkeling . . . a little kissing . . .
and yes, the traditional taming of the local beast. This time it was the nurse shark of La Isla Mujeres. (Imagine scary music playing here.)
Did you know that although nurse sharks are vegetarian, they still can BITE? Yeah, I didn't either.
Speaking of our tradition of taming the local beast, how about a little walk down memory lane.
The Croc Beast of the EvergladesThe dolphin beasts of Tortola, British Virgin IslandsThe stingray beast of Grand Cayman
After the shark was tamed I thought to myself, "Wouldn't it be fun to dangle above the Gulf of Mexico without any regard to my own safety?"

Yes, that is John a billion feet in the air while sitting on a skinny rope.

Wondering how you get down from there? You JUMP or if you're like me . . .

you fall off.

My Dear Readers:
For a little extra bonus, here is a video of me almost falling off the boat. I'm so smooth . . .

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temparoo said...

Thanks for the kind words, and visiting the blog, I appreciate it. Looks like a great vacation. I hope your baby is doing better, that sounded scary.
FYI The part 2 of the Stephenie Meyer interview is up now.

Take care.