Friday, March 20, 2009

Tacky Costume Alert

World's Ugliest Dance Costume EVER . . .

However, I must say . . . World's Cutest Kid!

Megan could make a potato sack look cute.

As a matter of fact, I think a potato sack might have been cuter than the shiny, brown crushed velvet in this little number. What in the world was the dance teacher thinking?
I guess I'm bitter because that I look at the costume now and think, "Wow, that ugly costume cost a week's worth of groceries."
Costumes that are definitely worth a week's worth of groceries:

And some people wonder what stay-at-home mom's do all day.

Duh . . . we are sitting around obsessing about ugly dance costumes all day.

What did you think we were doing??????


Cassie said...

I'm not gonna lie...that is an ugly costume! ha. But the little girl in it is super cute, so that's okay!

Kati said...

She is absolutely cute!!! She makes me want to wear that costume.. hmmm.. that would be a funny site!!

gramee said...

good thing cute little girls don't care much what their costumes look like, just that they have one and they are dancing!
to bad the dance instructor has no taste!
maybe you should suggest a costume committee next time. and have several moms

Sarah said...

Well...i probably wouldn't have picked a BROWN costume. Even if it is some sort of animal.
But she is just precious in it. Noone will even notice the costume!

Kristina P. said...

I don't think it's the worst costume ever! She does look pretty cute!

Our Family said...

Awwwwl, she's adorable...was she playing a mouse?? No probably not the best costume but its still cute.

my stay-at-home-momma drama said...

Megan is supposed to be a bear, dancing to the Winnie the Pooh song. If you asked Megan what kind of animal she is, she would tell you a bunny rabbit!?! Bear, rabbit, mouse . . . who cares . . .the costume belongs in the Hall of Ugly Costume Shame. ha, ha

Laura said...

Oh, gosh! I feel your pain! I sat around obsessing about our costume (Alise's first year to dance) for six months and I WORK!! However, I was pleasantly surprised!! So what is your little angel going to be dancing to in her one-of-a-kind outfit?! I'm tempted to say that at least it isn't yellow (which was what I really dreaded), but then again, you may think that even that would be better? Your daughter is precious!

Kate said...

What was the teacher thinking? My poor niece - that ugly costume - I'll make her a new pink tutu and dress her up all cute!!

Sorry sista - that is u.g.l.y.

Love Maggie Moo though!! She looks beautiful.

The High Family said...

one word: FUGLY.

I was talking about the costume of course! The sweetie wearing it makes it look cute as can be.

PS- I totally thought it was a mouse too! LOL