Saturday, March 21, 2009

Where There Is a Will, There Is Always A Way!

Wanna see my little baby bump?

Here I am at 17 1/2 weeks. (Looking chubby but excited!)

So, do you want to hear some good news?????

Ever since I had to cancel my appointment at Ultrasona to find out the sex of the baby (remember . . . John = laid off) I've been racking my brain trying to think of a way to raise a hundred dollars. (I'm really, really terrible at waiting and my ob doesn't do another ultrasound until 24 weeks! That's like a million years away!)

At first, I thought . . . I only need to convince 100 people to give me a dollar. Then I could afford the ultrasound. Brilliant plan! (John just looked at me funny when I told him about this plan.) Then I decided if I was going to go around begging people for a dollar, it should go toward some worthy cause or someone who truly needed a hundred dollars. Sometimes a conscience is very inconvenient!

Then, in the middle of the night, I had an aha moment! (I thought those only happened while watching Oprah but I was so, so wrong!)

We happen to have money in our flexible spending account from John's old employer that we must use within 60 days or lose. Money that must be spent on a medical expenses and only medical expenses!!!!!!!! Ultrasounds are medical expenses. Ultrasounds are medical expenses. Ultrasounds are medical expenses!!!! (I love aha moments.)

Wooooooo hooooooooo!!! Ultrasona here we come.

I called Ultrasona and asked for the first possible appointment. The lady said this Monday at 1:45 pm. I said, "Ahhh. Do you have anything sooner?" (Today is Saturday. Me=impatient) She said, "How's Monday at 10 am?"

"Much better" I replied.

He or she??? To be continued on Monday!!!!!!!!


Amanda said...

Ahhh... a woman after my own impatient heart...
Congrats on your "Ah HA!" moment!

can't wait to hear if baby is a he or a she!

Kristina P. said...

You look absolutely darling!

Mary said...

This is awesome news! Can't wait to hear!

Ruth said...

Thanks for the pix. You look amazing!

susette said...

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Our Family said...

Awwwwl God look wonderful!!

The Daily Dean Chronicals said...

Awesome! I love instant gratfication also! Good luck with the ultrasound!

Missy said...

Love the hump! I want one! I cannot wait to here what she is! LOL

The High Family said...

Woohoo...thanks for showing us your glowing mamahood. You look soooo cute! Love the bump!