Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Silver Lining of Swine

We're all prepared for the PaNdeMiC.
John went to the store this morning looking for a few essentials - you know, face masks, electrolyte drinks, acetaminophen, and jelly beans *just in case*
Part of me thinks we're being overly cautious and ridiculous.
The other part of me is worried this is the beginning of the end.
What a struggle.
Seriously, it never hurts to be prepared.
I am preggo my eggo and we have a young child. Two out of three of us are in the high risk category if we get the funky pig flu. No thanks!
Until the outbreak is under control, you will not find me anywhere large numbers of people gather. Think of the money I'll save at the mall.
See, don't I have a way of finding the silver lining????


Sarah said...

I am torn as well. I have 2 young children, so I am afraid if I DON'T overeact I will be sorry. On the otherhand, I don't want to be so worried that I am frantic. All I know is my kids come first and if I hear of swine flu coming anywhere near our neck of the woods, we are all going to be locked in the house forever!

Our Family said...

I'm with you I'm not going anywhere anymore. I've gotten in the habit as of late to cook everything at home so we don't eat out because I don't want someone sick to prepare my food. Just lay low and hang out that's our plan.

Covington Sensation's said...

How do they come up with such names for the flu???
Be careful, some people who have this SWINE flu start to grow little piggy tails. BEWARE!

The High Family said...

Love your sense of humor!

ps-I think it is safe to come out of hiding now...the epidemic is starting to fall!