Monday, April 20, 2009

April Showers

Potty Training Boot Camp
Day #1
I was ready.
I was armed with plenty of Dora the Explorer underpants and all the knowledge gained from reading this page turner.


So, was the day a success or a crashing failure????

You be the judge.

Today's numbers:

Hits - 2

Misses - 2489654 (2489652 pizzles, 2 shizzles)

It was a pretty messy day.

Teaching technique #1 - Demonstrate using Ruff the dog

Teaching technique #2 -

"See Megan. This is how you do it."

Megan found this so hysterical she decided to photograph me.

Notably missing is the photograph of Megan sitting on the potty.

Hmmmmm, she was too busy doing this.

I think it is time for a change of game plan.

I am now desperately seeking a pleasant mommy (who doesn't mind cleaning up pee pee/poo poo off the floor multiple times in a day) who is willing to take my child, potty train her, and return her when the job's done. I'm willing to pay for this service. I'm willing to pay dearly.

Any takers?????


Kate said...

Seriously? This post is more disturbing than the one you posted of Megan potty training a YEAR AGO :) LOL...

And is your potty chair in your kitchen... why I never.... you are your mother's daughter :)

Ok I'm done picking on you... Love ya and it'll get better in about 18 years when you don't have to deal w/ Meg's stubborn attitude :)

Courtney said...

If you find any takers will you send them to my house? My daughter screams bloody murder when I put her on the potty.

The High Family said...

Sorry can't help ya here...I've got my own crazy, stubborn 3 year old who decided to leave a "pizzle puddle" (hilarious btw!) on our couch cushion this morning!!!!!!!!!!!! UGH! This, after 2 weeks of staying dry! WTHeck! WHY, WHY, WHY?!

Deep breaths. I will survive potty training, I will survive potty training...

Ummm. All I have to say is Good Luck and keep me updated! ;)

Our Family said...

I'm sticking true to my method. It worked with Riley she was potty trained by 2. I'm telling you folks but nobody wants to listen (i.e. High Family;) We put a box of Godiva Truffels by the toilet...every time Riley did a good job she got a truffel. We used to find her sitting on the toilet pants down around her ankles with the box on her lap eating all the chocolate...worth a shot.

The High Family said...

oh my! I forgot about his "accident" the other day!

talk about momnesia! LOL

Hopefully we don't have ANY of those going forward...our poor poor cushions!

ps- don't listen to Sophie (aka Our Family--who is also a dear friend of yours truly)-- chocolate was NOT the answer...taking away his beloved Disney cartoons in the morning and allowing him to play Disney Online games (after no poopy in the diaper ALL day) was the answer to getting this child to poop in the potty! But a little M&M here and there did seem to peak his interest a little.....

Our Family said...

Ahahaha, Hey Bobbi, I saw this post tease because I love ya!