Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter 2009 Recap - Part TWO

Time to wrap up this Easter recap!
Soooooo . . .
After the egg hunt (per Megan's request) we went to McDonald's for some saturated fat and excessive calories. Delicious.

Then we went home to color some more eggs.

After Megan went to bed, the Easter bunny made up her basket.

I told John that Megan needs a bigger Easter basket.

He told me I need to get her less stuff. And so it goes . . .

She found her basket FINALLY hiding behind the chair and ottoman.
The Easter bunny made it really tough this year.

Her favorite part (after the candy, of course) was her new Tinkerbell fairy.

We enjoyed french toast, sausage, and strawberries for breakfast. (Can you tell I'm pregnant?) No flax seed oatmeal this year. No sir!

Then we got dressed and went to church. The good news: we got a seat this year. (Last year we had to stand on Easter) The bad news: Megan pulled my shirt open exposing my giant bosom to the entire congregation. And that wasn't even the most embarrassing part. Most embarrassing part: When I whispered to Megan, "Megan, this is a very special day because Jesus saved us. Please be quiet." Her LOUD reply, "JESUS DID NOT SAVE US!" (Of course she didn't know what she was saying but it was embarrassing just the same.) Too many jellybeans for breakfast. How humiliating.

Then we headed over to GG's house for more Easter festivities.

There was yet another egg hunt in the backyard.

And then, of course, THE BUNNY CAKE.

It is an annual tradition.

Then off to find another Easter basket . . .

What you will not find in this Easter recap: photos of me. (I'm getting so fat I don't fit on the screen unless the camera is in panoramic mode :)

With all the eggs, jelly beans, and bunnies it is easy to forget that Easter is really a miracle.

A miracle that saved all of us.

A miracle that promises we'll see our departed loved ones again.

A miracle that promises our lives together will never really end.

How wonderful is that?


hotpants™ said...

Jesus Did Not Save Us! My son would totally say something like that. HAHAHA!

Love the bunny cake.

Jillene said...

Looks like a fun and eventful Easter!! I especially love the bunny cake and the last part of the post--beautiful!!

Our Family said...

That is such a cute post looks like your family had a very Blessed Easter! Megan looks adorable.

The High Family said...

Your daughter is beautiful!

I love the bunny cake idea and that breakfast sounded soooo yummy!

Your church experience sounded like ours last year...only Ryan decided that clapping and yelling YAY! really loud after each song was a great idea. After the service, a man came up to him and said, the organist isn't that great buddy! He also yelled AMEN after everyone else really loud too. At least he entertained the congregation and pastor! :)