Friday, August 8, 2008

We're Going to See the Mayan Ruins!!!

Chichen-Itza, here we come! I'm so excited I almost can't sleep. OK, I'm a nerd and I realize many people wouldn't be foaming at the mouth to see this place. I've just always been in complete awe of the Ancient Mayans. I've taught many lessons to bored high school students and never once really thought I would see this place with my own eyeballs!

This is the Pyramid of Kukulkan, constructed between 1100-1300 A.D. There are 365 steps to the top, one for every day of the year, and evidence of the Mayan's interest in astronomy and the calendar. At mid-afternoon during an equinox, the shadow that covers the northeast angle of the pyramid is reflected on the stairway. This forms triangles of light and shade that imitates the movement of a serpant descending the stairway. This shadow touches the large head of Kukulcan at the bottom of the stairway . . . just like magic . . . and only during the equinox. Well, guess what . . . September 21 is the autumnal equinox and I'll be standing next to this pyramid! I'll probably need supplemental oxygen and someone to hold me up. Seriously, can you imagine the precise architectural and astronomical measurements that would be necessary to achieve such an effect? To be completed by people who lived over 700 years ago . . . simply astonishing. It will be a nerdy history teacher's biggest thrill. (It will absolutely thrill my nerdy, software developer husband as well. Lucky for us!)

Mom and Dad Keller will be staying with Megan, Mocha (dog), Molly (cat), and Mona (fish). It is so nice for them to be able to spend that time with her, and it allows us to go away, not worrying even for a second that Megan is being well cared for.

We'll be staying at a resort in the Riviera Maya region. I love the turquoise water, the white sand, the ocean breeze . . . definately a tropical girl at heart! I've never been to Mexico and can't wait to eat a real burrito. (And probably everything else in sight since I'll be on a major diet until we leave to get this body bikini worthy . . . not sure I have enough time, ha!) We'll fly directly from Columbus to Cancun aboard a chartered flight, then off to the resort. We got a special though the travel agent that gives us the "royal suite," complete with an oceanview room and a jacuzzi on the balcony. I love traveling to hurricane prone regions during hurricane season . . . incredible bargain prices!! We love to walk on the wild side . . . but don't worry, we have travel insurance.

The resort

The lobby at the resort.

Have you ever realized how gross a swim-up bar really is? Think about it . . . a bunch of people consuming alcohol need to do what about 10 times an hour? PEE, and I'll bet more than half of them do it right where they are floating. I'll probably steer clear of this particular pool. Besides, I drink so rarely I'd probably have a tequila and drown.

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