Monday, August 18, 2008

The Airshow

As "councilwoman," I'm now expected to make public appearances at city events. Since the airport is in my ward (area I represent to council,) it was especially important for me to attend the airshow. It is not something I would have ever thought I was interested in . . . standing in the blazing sun looking at airplanes. That is why I love opportunities to try new things! The airshow was really enjoyable. (John absolutely hated having to stop and chit-chat with various city people. He had a one-track mind . . . see planes, see planes, see planes. It is funny how different we are. As the extrovert, I loved the chatting. I almost had to be reminded that we were, in fact, at an airshow. ha!)

We invited Nana and Colin to come along and join the fun.

"Hey, Daddy, look . . . it's a plane up in the sky!"

By far, the coolest part of the day was the F-16 flyover. It was so amazing, I had tears rolling down my cheeks. They were so unbelievably fast and LOUD. I love things that are fast! One of them did a vertical climb that was breathtaking. I told John if I had seen that fifteen years ago, I would have become a fighter pilot instead of a teacher/police officer/mommy/politician. (except I'm kinda scared of flying.) ha, ha. That reminds me of the time I told John I would have liked to become a forensic pathologist, except I'm bad at science. He laughed really hard . . . he thinks I'm funny!

Megan was terrified of the F-16s. I guess I don't have to worry about her running off to be a fighter pilot, at least for now!

Colin and Megan in the plane. How adorable is that?

Megan loved it!
Colin and Nana watching the airshow.

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Laura said...

All your stories are so wonderful!! Thanks Sissy for such entertainment! :) Loveya, Laura