Monday, August 18, 2008

Family Movie Night

Here are some pics from our second "Family Movie Night." We eat pizza (if that is what you call what they have here in Ohio . . . nothing like real Buffalo pizza,) change into our pajamas, eat popcorn, and watch a movie together.

We order the "veggie lovers" pizza - this is how I justify eating pizza in the first place. Hey, at least it has veggies on it! Megan removes them from her pizza and piles them in the corner of her plate. She loves veggies . . . just not on her pizza.

This is her "can I have some more even if I didn't eat my veggies" smile.

We give Megan her own plastic cup filled with popcorn. She loves it.

It was so cute. When John ran out of popcorn in his bowl, Megan took some from her cup and put them into his bowl. I love that kid!

Come here and give me a big, fat kiss you sweet girl!

To say the movie was "boring" would be an understatement. I thought I was renting Beauty and the Beast. About half-way through it, I was thinking "I don't remember this movie being so terrible. Would it be rude to polish my nails during family movie night? Is there any pizza left? Wow, that table is dusty." When Megan looked away, I made John jump ahead a few chapters with the remote. After it was over, we realized it was a sequel to the original. Imagine 1.5 hours of candlesticks talking to teapots with no storyline whatsoever . . . won't make that mistake again!

All in all, any time we can spend together as a family is time well spent, boring movie or not.

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The Canterbury Family said...

That is Megan's "I want more, please" face? I'd tell her to finish what is on her plate first!! haha..