Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Happy 3rd Birthday, Colin!

To celebrate Colin's birthday, we went to his favorite restaurant . . . Yanni's. They make a mean grilled cheese on pita bread (at least he thinks so.)

My sister Katie and her husband Justin with the birthday boy.

Our hungry little family.

Colin didn't like his cake . . . Megan was happy to take care of it for him.

She would eat cake for all three meals if I let her.

Nana and I, striking a pose in the parking lot. Don't you love her smile.

That reminds me . . . Colin liked cake on Megan's first birthday! Hmmm . . . maybe he just wanted to steal her thunder. ha, ha

I thought I'd take a walk down memory lane in honor of Colin's 3rd birthday. Megan and "Cowie" (as she affectionately calls him) have had some great times together.

At the cabin . . . taking a bath in the same sink we used as kids.

That trip to the cabin was our first real trip away from home. Megan was three months old, screamed almost non-stop, and breastfed every hour. We had a great time. ha

Trick-or-treating together
Doesn't it look like Colin the hungry lion is eating my precious little lamb?
Sharing and playing

Boring craft show

Out to dinner

Sharing Grandpa's lap, and not very happy about it.

Happy Fourth of July to the partners in crime.

They love taking baths together.

Watching TV . . . most likely Thomas the Train.

I just noticed a trend. Every year for Halloween, Colin dresses up like something that eats Megan. A spider and a bee . . . jeesh . . . kinda scary!

Colin, convincing Megan to jump!

Fun sleepovers and bedtime stories

Another Fourth of July . . . this year with sparklers and fireworks! They are so much bigger than last year. Makes me want to cry.

Going to the movies together. They had fun even though Megan looks like she needs a nap!

The big party is this weekend. I'm making a Cars cake for the little guy . . . hopefully this time without the need for alcoholic beverages. Happy Birthday, Colin! We love you.


The Canterbury Family said...

I have a huge lump in my throat. This is my favorite blog entry to date. Cowie does love his Maggie Moo.. I'm so happy he has such a wonderful best friend..

Thanks for being a fabulous Aunt! He is one lucky guy.. And I am still laughing at the watching trains comment - notice he had a lead-filled, China Thomas the Train in his mouth?!? Mother of the Year award - look no further!!!

I love you!!!

The Canterbury Family said...

Dear Aunt Weesa,

I do love cake - I just think I wike vanilla, not chocolate. Plus, Maggie Meuu looked a little too thin in that adorable dress only an aunt would buy her - so I did what any older, wiser cousin would do - I gave it to my bestest fwend ever!

I can't wait for my White-ning McQwwween cake on Sunday! Hope it is vanilla with a little bud lite splashed in.

I love you sooo much! You are a super cool aunt.


PS - this year I'm dressing up as a vampire so Maggie is screwed!!! muhahahaha