Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Weight Watcher Wednesday

OK, I do realize I haven't kept up my end of the bargain when it comes to
checking in with you weekly about my weight gain loss.

First, there were these snickers bar cookies that wouldn't stop getting eaten by me.
I would share the recipe but that would be like swearing in church or something.
This is after all "Weight Watcher Wednesday."
Then there was Christmas Eve, Christmas day, New Years . . . and I gained a few pounds.
Shhhh, don't tell anyone.
I want it to be our little secret.
You know . . .between you, me, and the rest of the internet. A real secret.

Anyway, I'm down about 7 pounds now and I feel like I can face you again.
It has been a lot harder this time around than when I lost my baby weight from Megan.
I have much less time to exercise. Like . . . none actually.
I'm also so sleep deprived that I don't seem to have the energy many days to workout.

This one particular day, I was in a total funk.
I was feeling sorry for myself because of the pudge, the sweatpants, the total lack of time to dedicate to getting my body back into shape. Boo hoo!
Then I remembered this little thing I used to do to sneak in some exercise . . .

The Dance Party

I'm not sure if you realize it or not, but I can shake it like nobody's business.
I decided to use my camera to make a little exercise video for you . . .
free of charge.

I'm so sorry.

My camera ran out of memory before I could show you most of my moves.

Next time, I promise.

But just remember, if I can dance to "I'm Bringing Sexy Back" wearing fruit and spit-up covered sweatpants, anyone can!!!!!

When that song was over, I played "Put a Ring on It" by Beyonce and I found my inner Sasha Fierce.

Then I played "Just Dance" and became Lady Gaga.

Then I started "Living La Vida Loca" with Ricky Martin.

Before I knew it, I was dancing, sweating, and rump shaking all over my house. Megan was too. Brendan just looked at us both like we were crazy. We were actually, and it was great fun.

Lesson learned: You don't need the gym, Jane Fonda, or Kathy Smith. All you need is your rump and a some good music.

Isn't working out with Lisa fun???????

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Dear Brendan,
Yesterday you turned 5 months old. Where has the time gone? I realized I've gotten very behind in documenting your life on my blog. You leave me very little time my dear. Very little time.
Three Months

What a cute little rascal you were at three months! Still big for your age, you wore a size 6 months, sometimes even size 9 months.

You gave me quite a time little guy. Here is a sample schedule for you at three months :
12 am - Crying
1 am - Crying
2 am - Sleeping in my arms
2:02 am - Crying
3 am -Crying
4 am - Crying
5 am - Crying
6 am - Now we're both crying

OK, slight exaggeration. Slight. You wanted to nurse around the clock, had to be carried everywhere you (we) went, and couldn't be put down. If I attempted any small outing, you would scream in your car seat until I gave up and came home. I called the pediatrician crying so many times I think they put a red star on your chart with *crazy mother written next to it.

Even though you were a tough baby at three months, I loved the heck out of you. We developed a special bond during all those sleepless nights.

Your big sister Megan was also completely in love with you. She would sing to you to help you stop crying.

You tried cereal for the first time.
I hoped it would help you sleep better at night.
It didn't.

Four Months
Two days into your fourth month on November 20, you stunned as all by rolling over from back to front. I put you down on Aunt Katie's floor on your back. Next time I looked at you, you were on your tummy! The baby book says most babies roll from front to back first because it is easier. This proves you and the word EASY just don't get along :)

Here is my photo shoot to document your amazing display of agility and coordination.

At your four month check up, you were 26 1/2 inches (90th percentile) and weighed 20 pounds (above the 95th percentile). In other words, you're HUGE. By the end of month, your size 9 month clothes no longer fit and you needed size 12 months. And you're a tough guy too. When the nurse gave you your shots you didn't even cry!
Speaking of crying, you stopped doing this for hours during the day once you could play in your exersaucer and bring toys to your mouth to chew. I love that exersaucer.
You started eating fruit during your fourth month. We started with applesauce, bananas and peaches. You always make a funny face with the first spoonful - like it is the worst tasting food you've ever had. Then you whine for the next bite and I can barely spoon it in fast enough.
As far as sleeping goes, you slept all the way through the night twice. Then you stopped. We still wrap you in the miracle blanket, waiting for the sleep miracle that has never come. The doctor told me to let you cry it out so I tried that. You cried for 2 straight hours and I couldn't take it anymore.
I know if I let you cry the sleep situation would probably resolve itself but I just can't do it. Every one of my instincts prevents me from standing by and listening to you cry. Some babies may learn to settle themselves with this technique and I think that is great. I will not, however, let my four month old little baby cry hysterically for longer than two hours. Just can't do it. So, for now, I guess we'll just be seeing a lot of each other at night.
Even if we're all walking around like zombies, you are so worth it. Your smile and laughter (you started laughing out loud this month) warm my days and make the long nights so worth it. I love you baby boy!
Your tired mommy

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Lip Gloss and Prarie Hats

I got a blog award.
I love blog awards.
They make my day.
Thank you Melissa.

Now I'm supposed to tell you seven random things about myself.

1. I used to be the five-oh. Yep, I was the police. (in a car that had lights on the top and everything) All five foot two inches of me. I was a high school teacher too, but that wasn't nearly as interesting.

2. I drink Kool-Aid made with Splenda every day. My insides are probably tropical punch red. Even though I know it isn't good for me I just can't stop. I guess it is better than beer. (or is it?)

3. When I was a teenager, I used a rescue ladder to climb three stories down from my bedroom window (to meet up with my boyfriend). When I realized I couldn't get back up, I had to ring the doorbell - fully dressed with makeup on - in the middle of the night. My dad didn't believe me when I said I thought there was a fire. I think Brendan's colic is my payback for this event and others similar. I was a handful as a teenager.

4. It really bugs me when people think stay-at-home moms have no education, are miserable, and are home because they have no other choice. I voluntarily left a great teaching job with excellent salary/benefits. I have a master's degree, I'm not at all stupid, and being at home with my babies is the best decision I've ever made. So there.

5. When I was little, I was obsessed with Little House on the Prarie. My mom made me a prarie hat and I wore it to school every day. Did the kids laugh at me? Sure but I didn't care. I was Laura Ingalls Wilder.
6. I apply lip gloss at red lights. One time when I was the police, I was touching up my lip gloss at a red light and looked over to see the person in the car next to me shaking their head. What, the police shouldn't wear lipstick?

7. The other day I was doing a puzzle with Megan and out of the blue she said "Mommy. I wanna tell you a little secret." I leaned down and she whispered in my ear "Mommy, I love you." One of the best moments of my life.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Christmas 2009

Santa Claus was very good to us this year.

I think this was the first year I wasn't the first one up, ridiculously excited to open presents.
That prize went to Brendan this year.
He was the first one up . . . several times in fact.
(Although I think he was more ridiculously excited about a
diaper change and a bottle than the presents.)

Megan was very excited to get the Elmo guitar she asked for from Santa.

Here she is making some beautiful music for us.
She's already gone through one set of batteries - lucky us.

This contraption right here has saved my life.
Instead of holding Brendan under my left arm while I do EVERYTHING,
he plays/drools/spins/chews in this thing.
It gives me just enough time to
blog, Facebook, shop etsy prepare nutritious family meals,
do laundry, make beds, etc.

Guess she really likes Polly Pockets.

Megan gave John this shirt to wear while they watch the Buckeye games together.

We put the "little tiny goat that's not real" in a random box to wrap it.
When Megan unwrapped it, she said, "Oh wow. A new fan! Hooray!"
Hmmm, I'm glad she's grateful but if I had known she would love any random thing we wrapped up, I could have saved myself a bunch of money at Toys'R Us. Maybe next year.

Here I am with my angel and angel stand for my nativity set.

Megan and her "cootie."

After unwrapping and playing with all the new toys and games for several hours, we were off to GG and Grandpa's house for some more fun.

Can you tell they all got video games for Christmas?

It was a wonderful Christmas.
It was our first Christmas with a new little member of our family.
It was the first year Megan really "got" the whole Santa Claus thing.
(She even spied Rudolph's nose on the way home from Aunt Katie's on Christmas Eve.)

Oh yeah, and I should tell you I made Snickers Bar cookies for the first time.
And that, my friends, explains why you haven't heard from me in a while on Weight Watcher Wednesdays. Don't worry, the cookies are gone, and so are the few pounds they added to my bum. I'm back in the saddle, tree bark oatmeal for breakfast and everything . . . and I'll be in touch about that weight loss.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Christmas Eve

The festivities began with a pretty dress and sparkle party shoes . . .

Then we were off to Katie's house for the annual gathering with our family and my sister's husband Justin's family.

The most important part of the evening
(except for the whole celebration of the birth of Christ thing) is the

Ornament Exchange.

It is a cut-throat, take no prisoners, do-whatever-it-takes-to-leave-with-the-best-ornament exchange. (Although it seems every year I'm the only one who takes this quite so seriously.)

Here I am putting my game face on . . .

It is my don't mess with my concentration I'm about to pick the best number face.
The best number means you choose your ornament last, and can steal from anyone who has gone before you. As you can see, it is a game of pure skill.

I did not pick the best number (like last year) but I did pick second best.
Katie cheated. But anyway . . .

Nana began the game by choosing the largest gift bag. The largest gift bag ended up being a terrible choice because it contained this . . .
It was a non-ornament. The nerve!
It was brought by

After publicly chastising him for screwing with my game, I suggested he not be invited next year. I threatened a little bodily harm for good measure. Merry Christmas Todd, but you don't mess with the ornament exchange. You just don't.

This ornament ended up being the most sought after ornament of the night.
The moment I first laid eyes on it, I know it had to be mine. Visions of stealing it began dancing in my head.

I knew better than to tell John to steal it for me. He never listens to me during the ornament exchange.
He chose this lovely little snowman.

And Katie chose the the glittery, sparkly ornament I contributed to the exchange.
Remember that beautiful ornament I just had to have? It was most certainly

I felt such a sense of victory.
I felt pretty good, too, about not having to steal from a little kid like last year.
Then it was stolen from me.
I almost threw a temper tantrum.
Ok, I actually did throw a temper tantrum. Then I stole another ornament.
And once again it was stolen from me.
*insert another much bigger temper tantrum*
I ended up stealing the ornament I brought myself.
I also threatened to jump the person who ended up with my original choice on the way to her car. Christmas Eve brings out the best in me.

Then we all went home and patiently waited for Santa Claus to arrive.