Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Christmas 2009

Santa Claus was very good to us this year.

I think this was the first year I wasn't the first one up, ridiculously excited to open presents.
That prize went to Brendan this year.
He was the first one up . . . several times in fact.
(Although I think he was more ridiculously excited about a
diaper change and a bottle than the presents.)

Megan was very excited to get the Elmo guitar she asked for from Santa.

Here she is making some beautiful music for us.
She's already gone through one set of batteries - lucky us.

This contraption right here has saved my life.
Instead of holding Brendan under my left arm while I do EVERYTHING,
he plays/drools/spins/chews in this thing.
It gives me just enough time to
blog, Facebook, shop etsy prepare nutritious family meals,
do laundry, make beds, etc.

Guess she really likes Polly Pockets.

Megan gave John this shirt to wear while they watch the Buckeye games together.

We put the "little tiny goat that's not real" in a random box to wrap it.
When Megan unwrapped it, she said, "Oh wow. A new fan! Hooray!"
Hmmm, I'm glad she's grateful but if I had known she would love any random thing we wrapped up, I could have saved myself a bunch of money at Toys'R Us. Maybe next year.

Here I am with my angel and angel stand for my nativity set.

Megan and her "cootie."

After unwrapping and playing with all the new toys and games for several hours, we were off to GG and Grandpa's house for some more fun.

Can you tell they all got video games for Christmas?

It was a wonderful Christmas.
It was our first Christmas with a new little member of our family.
It was the first year Megan really "got" the whole Santa Claus thing.
(She even spied Rudolph's nose on the way home from Aunt Katie's on Christmas Eve.)

Oh yeah, and I should tell you I made Snickers Bar cookies for the first time.
And that, my friends, explains why you haven't heard from me in a while on Weight Watcher Wednesdays. Don't worry, the cookies are gone, and so are the few pounds they added to my bum. I'm back in the saddle, tree bark oatmeal for breakfast and everything . . . and I'll be in touch about that weight loss.


Cassie said...

I love the bedhead! haha. It looks like you guys had a great Christmas!

Spike said...

I made the big time, glad i ironed my shirt now..