Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Weight Watcher Wednesday

OK, I do realize I haven't kept up my end of the bargain when it comes to
checking in with you weekly about my weight gain loss.

First, there were these snickers bar cookies that wouldn't stop getting eaten by me.
I would share the recipe but that would be like swearing in church or something.
This is after all "Weight Watcher Wednesday."
Then there was Christmas Eve, Christmas day, New Years . . . and I gained a few pounds.
Shhhh, don't tell anyone.
I want it to be our little secret.
You know . . .between you, me, and the rest of the internet. A real secret.

Anyway, I'm down about 7 pounds now and I feel like I can face you again.
It has been a lot harder this time around than when I lost my baby weight from Megan.
I have much less time to exercise. Like . . . none actually.
I'm also so sleep deprived that I don't seem to have the energy many days to workout.

This one particular day, I was in a total funk.
I was feeling sorry for myself because of the pudge, the sweatpants, the total lack of time to dedicate to getting my body back into shape. Boo hoo!
Then I remembered this little thing I used to do to sneak in some exercise . . .

The Dance Party

I'm not sure if you realize it or not, but I can shake it like nobody's business.
I decided to use my camera to make a little exercise video for you . . .
free of charge.

I'm so sorry.

My camera ran out of memory before I could show you most of my moves.

Next time, I promise.

But just remember, if I can dance to "I'm Bringing Sexy Back" wearing fruit and spit-up covered sweatpants, anyone can!!!!!

When that song was over, I played "Put a Ring on It" by Beyonce and I found my inner Sasha Fierce.

Then I played "Just Dance" and became Lady Gaga.

Then I started "Living La Vida Loca" with Ricky Martin.

Before I knew it, I was dancing, sweating, and rump shaking all over my house. Megan was too. Brendan just looked at us both like we were crazy. We were actually, and it was great fun.

Lesson learned: You don't need the gym, Jane Fonda, or Kathy Smith. All you need is your rump and a some good music.

Isn't working out with Lisa fun???????


Jillene said...

I think I need to adopt your exercise routine. Love it!!

Cheryle said...

If I were closer, I would come over to hold that babe of yours and let you get out somewhere... even if he screamed for momma the whole time. :) I wish I could give you that gift of freedom/sleep/time... to exercise or go see a movie or sleep in your own bed! I am so sorry this has been so rough on you - and I admire you for working with it - even if it's because you have to - attitude is everything. :) xoxo

Spike said...

You are a huge dork