Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Lip Gloss and Prarie Hats

I got a blog award.
I love blog awards.
They make my day.
Thank you Melissa.

Now I'm supposed to tell you seven random things about myself.

1. I used to be the five-oh. Yep, I was the police. (in a car that had lights on the top and everything) All five foot two inches of me. I was a high school teacher too, but that wasn't nearly as interesting.

2. I drink Kool-Aid made with Splenda every day. My insides are probably tropical punch red. Even though I know it isn't good for me I just can't stop. I guess it is better than beer. (or is it?)

3. When I was a teenager, I used a rescue ladder to climb three stories down from my bedroom window (to meet up with my boyfriend). When I realized I couldn't get back up, I had to ring the doorbell - fully dressed with makeup on - in the middle of the night. My dad didn't believe me when I said I thought there was a fire. I think Brendan's colic is my payback for this event and others similar. I was a handful as a teenager.

4. It really bugs me when people think stay-at-home moms have no education, are miserable, and are home because they have no other choice. I voluntarily left a great teaching job with excellent salary/benefits. I have a master's degree, I'm not at all stupid, and being at home with my babies is the best decision I've ever made. So there.

5. When I was little, I was obsessed with Little House on the Prarie. My mom made me a prarie hat and I wore it to school every day. Did the kids laugh at me? Sure but I didn't care. I was Laura Ingalls Wilder.
6. I apply lip gloss at red lights. One time when I was the police, I was touching up my lip gloss at a red light and looked over to see the person in the car next to me shaking their head. What, the police shouldn't wear lipstick?

7. The other day I was doing a puzzle with Megan and out of the blue she said "Mommy. I wanna tell you a little secret." I leaned down and she whispered in my ear "Mommy, I love you." One of the best moments of my life.


Melissa said...

Im miss your daily blogs!! I too had a great job and became a stay at home mom. I am not a high school dropout who had no other options. And really, you were a cop?!?! =)

3 Little Snaps said...

Love these! I was also obsessed with Little House. I just finished reading Melissa Gilbert's Autobiography called Prairie Tails. It was a good read but crazy all the stuff behind the scenes on the Little House set!

Ruth Dunkman said...

Great post, Lisa! We had a really cool "Little House on the Prairie" vacation in Minnesota one year. When your kids are bigger, you guys might enjoy it, too. We even stayed in a sod house!