Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Dear Brendan,
Yesterday you turned 5 months old. Where has the time gone? I realized I've gotten very behind in documenting your life on my blog. You leave me very little time my dear. Very little time.
Three Months

What a cute little rascal you were at three months! Still big for your age, you wore a size 6 months, sometimes even size 9 months.

You gave me quite a time little guy. Here is a sample schedule for you at three months :
12 am - Crying
1 am - Crying
2 am - Sleeping in my arms
2:02 am - Crying
3 am -Crying
4 am - Crying
5 am - Crying
6 am - Now we're both crying

OK, slight exaggeration. Slight. You wanted to nurse around the clock, had to be carried everywhere you (we) went, and couldn't be put down. If I attempted any small outing, you would scream in your car seat until I gave up and came home. I called the pediatrician crying so many times I think they put a red star on your chart with *crazy mother written next to it.

Even though you were a tough baby at three months, I loved the heck out of you. We developed a special bond during all those sleepless nights.

Your big sister Megan was also completely in love with you. She would sing to you to help you stop crying.

You tried cereal for the first time.
I hoped it would help you sleep better at night.
It didn't.

Four Months
Two days into your fourth month on November 20, you stunned as all by rolling over from back to front. I put you down on Aunt Katie's floor on your back. Next time I looked at you, you were on your tummy! The baby book says most babies roll from front to back first because it is easier. This proves you and the word EASY just don't get along :)

Here is my photo shoot to document your amazing display of agility and coordination.

At your four month check up, you were 26 1/2 inches (90th percentile) and weighed 20 pounds (above the 95th percentile). In other words, you're HUGE. By the end of month, your size 9 month clothes no longer fit and you needed size 12 months. And you're a tough guy too. When the nurse gave you your shots you didn't even cry!
Speaking of crying, you stopped doing this for hours during the day once you could play in your exersaucer and bring toys to your mouth to chew. I love that exersaucer.
You started eating fruit during your fourth month. We started with applesauce, bananas and peaches. You always make a funny face with the first spoonful - like it is the worst tasting food you've ever had. Then you whine for the next bite and I can barely spoon it in fast enough.
As far as sleeping goes, you slept all the way through the night twice. Then you stopped. We still wrap you in the miracle blanket, waiting for the sleep miracle that has never come. The doctor told me to let you cry it out so I tried that. You cried for 2 straight hours and I couldn't take it anymore.
I know if I let you cry the sleep situation would probably resolve itself but I just can't do it. Every one of my instincts prevents me from standing by and listening to you cry. Some babies may learn to settle themselves with this technique and I think that is great. I will not, however, let my four month old little baby cry hysterically for longer than two hours. Just can't do it. So, for now, I guess we'll just be seeing a lot of each other at night.
Even if we're all walking around like zombies, you are so worth it. Your smile and laughter (you started laughing out loud this month) warm my days and make the long nights so worth it. I love you baby boy!
Your tired mommy


Kate said...

He looks so tiny in his bumbo eating cereal. Now he looks like a 1st grader. awwwwww I just love that little brendy!

Ruth Dunkman said...

It's great that you're documenting these days... pretty soon, you'll forget all this crying... YEAH, RIGHT! Hang in there! Love you, Ruth

Miti said...

He sure is a cute little booger. I remember those days with mine. I was doing some blog joggin' and when I saw the name, I had to check it out. Sounds like my days too. I love that blogging gives me a place to journal all those sweet moments. Look forward to more of your momma drama, hahaha.

Missy said...

He is beautiful! My son weighed 18 pounds at four months! And that schedule brought back so many memories!