Monday, March 1, 2010

Brendan - 6 Months

Dear Brendan,

Your "babyhood" is just whizzing by so quickly. I can't believe you are 6 months old already. You are growing way too fast. Way. too. fast. At your six month check-up, you weighed 26 pounds and were 28.5 inches long. (Well above the 95th percentile for height and weight) Twenty-six pounds! Some kids don't weigh that much when they are a year old. Needless to say, lugging you around is taking a toll on my back. Extra-strength Tylenol has become a good friend of mine lately. I'm trying to teach you how to walk because I'm seriously not sure how much longer I'm going to be able to carry you around. GG says you feel like a bag of cement. I agree . . . a really cute bag of cement.

You wear a size 18 months and just recently went from a size 4 to a 5 diaper. The doctor told me to stop feeding you so much. Instead of drinking 5-10 ounce bottles, he says you should have four-8 ounce bottles. You are a hungry little guy, that is for sure.

The doctor asked if you could roll over yet. Uh, yeah . . . like 2 months ago! I guess he didn't remember how advanced you are. (So, of course, I reminded him.) I also brought up that you are able to creep around on the floor and sit up all by yourself. You really are pretty amazing.

You are astonishingly strong and tough. Changing your diaper sometimes turns into wrestling match. Your grip is fierce. Your hands are so big Aunt Katie said if you were a puppy, she would tell me not to buy you (cause you are going to get too big.) ha, ha Everyone who holds you says they can't believe how strong you are. You actually wiggled yourself right out of GG's arms the other day and fell on the floor. She screamed and felt terrible. I heard you land and ran into the room, my heart beating a mile a minute. You just laughed on the floor and thought you were rough-housing with her. (I'll bet there are people out there reading this wondering how in the world an adult couldn't manage to keep hold of a 6 month old baby. You are no ordinary 6 month old baby!)

Here is a little video of you creeping on the floor. I took it a couple weeks ago and you are already so much faster. Now I put you down in the family room and in a few seconds you are in daddy's office.

I love you like crazy . . . you strong, fiesty little man!



Melissa said...

Oh my goodness he is a big guy. My 17 month old was weighed yesterday and she is 19 pounds. I love rolly babies, he looks so squeezable! Miss your daily blogs!!

Cassie said...

He has such gorgeous eyes!