Thursday, March 11, 2010

Billy Bob's

Let the weekend recap begin . . .
Cooters in the Lone Star State '10

I'll start with my favorite part - Billy Bob's Texas
The Worlds Largest Honkey Tonk

It has pretty much everything a cowboy would like - the smell of manure in the air, beer and whiskey, country music, lots and lots of cigarettes, and barbecued meat . . . all in one place.
Most classy establishments have neon signs.

And here is your rodeo lesson . . .
Sorry for the poor picture quality.
I don't take very good pictures while shrieking, "Oh my God. Oh my God. Oh my God."
I honestly thought the bull was going to kill the cowboy right there in front of us.
While wondering aloud what was making the bull quite so angry, I was informed by a local they tie a rope around his privates and pull really hard.
No wonder that bull was mad!

All that stress made us really thirsty.

We took funny pictures like this one . . .
(Photobombing - the fine art of spoiling a photo by jumping in on the action.
We laughed quite a bit over Sara's photo bomb. Everything seems funnier with these girls.

Thanks to a little technique called "cropping" this photo is suitable for posting.

Now, let's talk about about the local dress code.

In order to come to Billy Bob's Texas Honkey Tonk, the following fashion rules apply:

1. The bigger the belt buckle, the better.
2. Cowboy hats are not just for country music stars.
3. Tight Wranglers make Texas women swoon.

This is Walt, a real Texas cowboy.
I told him I was from Ohio and asked if I could get my picture taken with him.
If you go to the Liberty Bell, you get your picture standing next to it. Then you go home and show all your friends how cool the Liberty Bell was. Well friends, this is how cool a cowboy is . . . belt buckle and all.

Then, in an attempt to immerse myself in the local culture, I decided I must learn the Texas Two-Step but felt it would be inappropriate for a married woman to dance with someone like . . . Walt for example.

Luckily, this guy was available. This picture unfortunately cuts off the can of chew he had in his back pocket. Charming.

He smelled like he rolled around in an ashtray and he was missing several of his teeth, but I did learn the Texas Two-Step, and missed my computer nerd of a husband all the more.

We did do other things, like shop and eat and ride roller coasters. How about I catch you up on all that stuff in another post?

I'm no longer whooping it up in some nightclub in Texas.

I'm back to real life with night waking babies and more poopy diapers than a cowboy would know what to do with.

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Mary said...

I am still laughing over Sara's photo bomb. Luckily, all the cig smoke washed out of my clothes just fine, but my lungs are still not quite right!