Thursday, July 30, 2009

It Is Official

Today a reporter from our local newspaper called, asking
"Councilwoman, are you running for re-election in November???"

Megan was in the middle of a timeout . . . the timer on the stove was beeping . . . I ran upstairs to have a moment of quiet . . . then realized I could barely speak because I was so out of breath.

Until today, I've managed to artfully dodge the reporter's questions.

Today I was feeling adventurous.

Yes, I am certainly running for re-election.

My goals for my next term include working to expand our city's economic base by adding critical infrastructure and expanding our fiber optic network. We need to increase our focus on building industry and attracting high tech jobs to the city. Secondly, we have a critical need to expand our fire coverage in the southside of our city where residents experience 10 minute response times.

This August, I'll be our city's first councilwoman to give birth while in office.

Of course I'll run for re-election. I have nothing else going on this fall :)


Kate said...

Good luck! You'd get my vote if I lived in your ward :) As your campaign manager, you need to start handing out bumper stickers at Kroger every Saturday.

Um... that's one heck of an agenda. I will wear a VOTE FOR MY SISTA shirt if it comes in maternity. I will wear it to the grocery store every week :)

Jillene said...

You go girl!! Good luck--I would sure vote for you!!

OhioFamOf4 said...

I'll vote for you if you can get my street tree put back in my yard before the election.

Sara said...

I'd wear a VOTE FOR MY CUZ shirt if I lived there. I think that one picture I have of you on the toilet, FULLY exposed would be an awesome campaign pic. Or the one of you on our girls weekend wearing the fishnet birthing hospital ward undies. You'd win for sure, sure'nuff!

Ruth Dunkman said...

Sounds great, Lisa! Love you!

The High Family said...

damn Lisa! how DO you DO it ALL? please write a book for us SAHM who feel so overwhelmed just getting the laundry done!