Friday, July 3, 2009

Caution: Naked Belly Shots

I know you have been just dying for a pregnancy update!
Well, I'm still pregnant and I look like I'm carrying sextuplets.
Don't believe me?
Check this out . . .
My sister (who is also preggo) and I assume the above pose, facing each other belly to belly, and argue about who's belly is thinner. Seriously. This went on for hours the other night.
We've even polled every member of our family. The consensus - mine is thinner with hers more round but mine sticks out farther. (Good thing we're not having a "who's butt is thinner" contest, mind you. She would surely win, no butts about it!")
At my last doctor's appointment, I was shocked to find out I only gained one pound in my seventh month. John's reply (imagine him saying this, shivering, wearing sweatpants, in our house with the A/C absolutely CRANKING . . .
"Yeah, that's probably because of all the extra calories your body is burning trying to stay warm."

I am married to a comedian.
And St. John, I'm STILL HOT.


The High Family said...

Seriously the cutest preggo belly I have ever seen!

Kristina P. said...

I am just angry over the lack of stretch marks.

Kate said...

Awwww you think my butt is smaller.

Ok my belly IS thinner. I can't believe you brought this to the blog...

haha. Nice belly shots. Would you like me to post some of the ones I got yesterday? lol. I'm having an 8x10 made for John's desk - I'll bring it today.