Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Candy Bandit

OK - so it happened again.
I was in bed,
blissfully sleeping the morning away
while my child was up and getting into all sorts of mischief.
It was the day before her birthday party.
Megan found the treat bags, brought the stool down from her room to reach them on the counter, and silently helped herself to all the candy.
I didn't hear a thing.
I came downstairs and found this . . .
and a little of this . . .

Since my camera was right there on the counter, I snapped some pictures of the crime scene.
(Trying not to laugh, of course.)

I really had to try not to laugh when I asked her what she wanted for breakfast and she replied,

"I had breakfast already, Mommy. I had candy for breakfast."

But I absolutely couldn't stop myself from laughing when I went through the pictures on my camera and realized my little bandit had PHOTOGRAPHED HERSELF during the act.

Yep, that's my not-at-all-sneaky candy bandit.


Jillene said...

hehe!! She ROCKS!! I wish I could eat candy for breakfast--well I could but then I would be as big as a house!!

hotpants™ said...

OMG! I can't believe she took a picture of herself.

Sarah said...

OK- it is hilarious that she took a picture of herself!

The High Family said...

OMG!! This post made me laugh SO hard!! Ryan would have totally done (wait. he has but not with candy...string cheese seems to be his forte) this! He is also obsessed with taking pictures with my camera and I love seeing little surprises on it!

Don't you just LOVE how they "tell" on themselves at this age? Ryan cracks me up when he tries to hide things he has done but then leads me to the crime scene and then gives me a play by play of the events!