Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Have Mercy

Have you ever heard not to grocery shop while you're hungry????

It is an age-old rule, created to prevent excessive spending on a whole bunch of stuff that will just make you fat anyway.

Yesterday, I broke that age-old rule. It is simply not possible to avoid shopping while hungry if you're hungry every moment of the day (and night.) I'm not exaggerating. I think about food all day long. I plan my snack while cleaning up breakfast, plan my lunch while cleaning up my snack . . . I have a recurring cheesecake dream at night . . . you get the point.

So, in my "constantly famished" state, I went to the grocery store. I usually plan my menu before I go but I didn't want the trip to interfere with lunch time so I hurried out the door.
After spending a whopping $245 on a family of 3.25, I SHAMEFULLY came home with several items that have never graced my shelves (until now.)

1. Beef-a-roni
John's reply: "Organic, mother-of-the-year bought BEEFARONI?"
Yes, John, yes I did and I'm so ashamed.

2. Tater tots
There is just no plausible excuse for these.

3. White hamburger buns to hold the sloppy joes I intend to make this week.
Have mercy.

4. Hard taco shells
Again, have mercy.
A delicious replacement for the 100% whole wheat (shoe leather) shells of yore.

5. Ice cream sandwiches
Yum, and much tastier than the 100% fruit pops I used to enjoy.

As I was putting away this festival of fat, calories, and refined sugar I opened up my mail. The FitMama pregnancy exercise video that I ordered a few weeks ago came in the mail.

(More shame)

How does this happen?

How does an organic vegetable eating, whole grain lovin', low fat, Kashi cereal for breakfast, high fiber, Weight Watcher, exerciser turn into a beefaroni eating, tater tot munchin', cheesecake dreamin' fatty????

Wish I had more time to ponder this but I gotta go. I have some serious eating to do.

Followed up, of course, by doing the FatMama FitMama exercise video.
Have mercy.


Kristina P. said...

I am suddenly very hungry right now!

Kate said...

So instead of What's Cookin Wednesday, we get "Lisa's Eatin too much Wednesday".... After hearing what you bought at the store, I think you should have John do the shopping from now on... I'd do it for you but food makes me sick - prepared food doesn't - but I wish it did :(

Mary said...

I just went on a 45 minute quest for ice cream and it ended with a vanilla custard with caramel caliche. I'm so moody and exhausted I couldn't possibly care less about what I'm putting into my body, or my kids. They seriously haven't eaten a vegetable in 2 days. Two months ago I was about to start my own organic garden.

Melissa said...

Tater tots- when I was pregnant i LOVED tater tot taco salad. Layers the tots with taco meat, lettuce, black beans, cheese, taco sauce, and sour cream. It was HEAVEN!!

my stay-at-home-momma drama said...

My sister and I both think that sounds sooooo yummy. I'll be trying that soon!